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I have had tornado dreams periodically in my life. I had this particular dream several years ago after I had started a new position at work. I feel that I have had one interpretation of it which has been helpful to me, but I recently wanted to get more clarification about whether there is more that I need to follow up on or do with the knowledge.
In the dream I was walking through a town with my new work supervisor. She had a man with her that I knew to be an academic/professor type. I also had a silent unseen companion which I know is the Holy Spirit. We climbed a tower of some kind where we ended up having a high view of the whole town. Far off I see a huge tornado coming. I look to my supervisor and ask what we should to do about it. She does not seem to see it or if she does she is not responding even after I ask a second time. She is seems to be talking or occupied by her companion. I have a sense that the Holy Spirit has told me that I have been respectful of her authority, but I now have permission to do what I need to since she is not responding. I quickly climb down and begin taking children who are coming to me to a shelter. I notice that behind me my supervisor is slowly climbing down too, so she must have seen it. She still has her companion with her. I don’t worry about her but focus on getting kids to safety. That is where it ended.
For context, we are both mental health counselors and work with children/teens at a residential facility.