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Hello Sarah,

Thank you for your response. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

I didn’t feel from your initial post that the lion was the enemy but I could be wrong. Could it be the Lion of Judah trying to deal with something from your past? Is there something/issue/incident that God has been trying to deal with you about?
The wrestling match reminds me a bit of Jacob wrestling with the Angel of the Lord in Genesis 32:22-32. Perhaps, you might have been wrestling with God about something.

You mentioned that you felt fear and that you were the lion’s prey. Well, sometimes, God will pursue us and there is a Holy Fear associated with that but in the dream language it comes across exaggerated. Think of Aslan.

The only other thing that came to mind was that the lion could represent pride in some shape or form trying to sneak in and that you are wrestling with. May the Holy Spirit give you clarity in Jesus’s Almighty Name I pray, Amen!