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The dream of exams mean some serious tests which will shape the future for you. Assuming you will pass each test, that further qualifies you for something greater. However, you are shown to be diligent in looking at the schedule, but only prepared to sustain yourself with snacks. Snacks are practical in real life for university tests, but in dream life, they represent not very good food. Therefore, focusing on how you sustain yourself: Are you reading the word of God which is also called, the milk and the meat of the word of God. Snacks are unhealthy usually which means the dream is telling you to adjust what you feast your eyes on, and how you spend your time. What are your priorities according to Biblical priorities? The Bible also says, Come and buy food without money – that means prayer, flowing in the Holy Spirit, and not on things that will be burned up in the eternal judgment when all our works will be tested in the fires. Will the results of our lives burn up and leave behind eternal gold and jewels, or just burn up as wood, hay and stubble?

Since two weeks were mentioned in the dream, but God’s timeline is not as our time line, it suggests two distinct seasons in one’s life of complete cycles of seven. Also, since the exams are always done by 3:00pm, the dream is reminding you that all these tests will all be within your ability to manage.

I pray that you choose wisely so that your heavenly rewards will be great, in Jesus name, Amen.