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Brenda Masemola

Dear MOP

I would like to thank you for the spiritually support and teachings you always provide. I wrote about around june if not May 2022 where i felt so lost and frustrated about work and current restructuring development. I remember i was in tears when i wrote that management is planning to bring someone to be my supervisor with no experience furthemore more that i have been working alone for more than three years without recognition or compensation. MOP responded so calmly and advise to keep doing my job and if i have to even support the incoming employee. It was not what i wanted to hear but i calmed down and prepared my self mentaly kept reading the word every morning before getting out of my car to the office eventually i accepted that this is happening and fast forward. 17 August i was signing acting letter for the next six months as the supervisor in the unit and a very suffcient compensation for that period. 2nd The post has been officially advertised and i a have applied because i also want to compete i no longer panick when i am told of challenges i no longer worry i take everything and pass it on to God i pray the current restructuring does not affect anyone at the office negatively every day because i saw what it almost did to me.

I still pray and i am asking for your prayers because i am going to an interview in another department and change would be really great provided God has stamped it for approval.