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For years I have had dreams about tornadoes. About 2 years ago, I had a dream about seven tornadoes. Six skinny tornadoes whirling around one bigger tornado. It was quite violent and scary. I remember not being able to shake the thought of how it made me feel for a very long time. Then, over the next year, seven seperate events shook my family to the core. First, my cousin was killed in a tragic car accident. This absolutely broke my family for quite some time. They are still healing from it. Second, my mother lost her marriage. Third, my Great Aunt passed away. Fourth, her husband, my Great Uncle passed as well. Fifth, my Wife cheated and left me and my children, this is what shook me personally the absolute most. Sixth, my Aunt was diagnosed with cancer. And seventh, me and my children were in a very violent car accident that put my son in the hospital.
These events took a very long time for my family to overcome. It was as if we were hit with seven literal tornadoes. In the end, the dream rang true in my head. It was a warning of things to come.
Recently, I received another tornado dream. This one was a little… Different. It began with several small tornadoes whirling around. I remember casting out my hand in frustration, and commanding them to stop and crumble. Suddenly, that’s exactly what they did. I felt overwhelmingly comforted that I just stopped another wave of tragedy from entering my life. It was short lived. Suddenly a huge roar came from beyond a tap tree line. A massive F5 size tornado ripped and arrived through the trees. It was blood red in color. I remember thinking… “A red tornado? That’s new.” It was terrifying. It absolutely shook the ground and all I could do is run. I ran as fast I could. I saw shelter and ran towards it. There was someone with me, but I have no idea who. Suddenly a new tree line enveloped around me before I could reach shelter. It wrapped vines and branches around me and prevented me from escaping the tornado. I remember finally giving up and just accepting my fate. I looked at the red tornado one last time, and then I woke up.
Any insight?