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Ida Pennington

I had requested a interpretation of a dream I’m not sure if you have received it. In my dream I went into a garden there was a man working in it he neither looked up nor spoke, the ground had been broken up but still had work to be done in it ,there was so much fertilizer on the ground that in real life it wouldn’t be possible to plant because the fertilizer would burn up the tender plants. I was so excited to get to my garden but when I got there I stepped upon the bank looked over and someone took my garden and built a road I knew I couldn’t move the road people needed it to get to where they were going but as I looked I felt powerless there was nothing I could do and there wasn’t enough ground left for me to use, I saw someone walking onthe road that was built through my garden I looked to the right and immediately a corn field came in view there was no beginning and no end the corn was young about half grown and a beautiful healthy green never saw any corn like it in my life it was beautiful all at once there came a divider through and divided me a portion of the corn it did seem to be a small portion considering how much corn that was there and right before I woke up a thought of my husband was in my mind. Please if you can help me understand this dream.