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Good evening Paster,

My name is Lino Fernandes and I am a Born again Christian working on the ship and I am from Goa, India,

When I was searching to pray for my son I came across your church site and got your e-mail id.

Paster I would like to pray for my elder son his name is Manuel Austin fernandes who is attached by the
demonic spirits and we admitted 3 times to him in mental hospital in goa, india but still did not
recover and now recently he started to give bad words to his mother and even he beated to his mother.

At present I am on the ship and I am helpless, please pray for my son paster.

He is still not born again, so please also keep in prayer him to be born again,

Thanking you Paster,

God Bless You and your Ministry,

Lino Fernandes