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Praying for you, I have gone through this as well ..I know this sounds contradictory but m12m at love has helped me. My husband has been gone for 3 years now but only lives 1 mile away we share custody of our 2 teenage girls, week by week its lonely for me. We were together for 22 years and we still are not divorced. Find comfort in our Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Married in 12 months has helped me heal my heart and see God’s promises to us. God keeps telling me about restoration and how he will restore what the worms have eaten and what was destroyed. He is God he can do anything, the impossible! He created the world us, the Universe he’s got this and you will come out the other side, my world was shattered, my heart broken in a million slivers on the floor but hes rebuilt it, even stronger and God will restore, perhaps not in the way you think but his way, his timing…just believe! He’s still in control, someone once told me God loves you sooo much that he wants you to be loved by someone unappologetically! So know this , you are beautiful, you deserve love and the best… wait on the Lord, self care, love you first, then your lil one and Hod will restore!