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Lord Jesus I pray for Joshua and his wife. God you see he is reaching out to you for wisdom for his marriage. He and his wife are at odds and the enemy currently have a foothold. Father I ask you to step in and give them wisdom in what they may need to do to strengthen their marriage. I also pray for their two children who are witnessing all that is going on. I pray that you will shield their hearts and that you will protect them from any arguing or fighting in the home. I pray for Godly counsel for this family and direction for each of their lives. God you put them together give them the wisdom to work out every problem they may be facing. God help them to speak each other’s love language so each of their needs may be met in Jesus name. Amen.

My brother the book 5 love language by Gary Chapman will help you greatly. I’m sensing you two are not speaking each other love language. Start there and see what the Lord does. God bless.