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Hi MOP this is a sequel to the prophetic word abundance.i seem to lack the words to explain exhaustively concerning the goodness of the lord towards me.i have been volunteering in a local organisation since january 2022 with no fruits to show just checking in and out.i was led to volunteer with this organisation after being turned down last year in december from a permanent and pensionable job opportunity from the government because i refused to give a bribe to the panelists who picked me.The finance coffers of this particular local organisation office were dry and nothing was going on.i kept reporting to work faithfully and declaring the word of the lord concerning the office Romans 8-28,Psalms 34-10,Philipians 4-19,Psalms 24-11 and my eyes were firmly fixed on the lord as the giver of all things and thanking him.After the prophetic word of abundance,the office signed a contract with an NGO and i was offered a position which i never interviewed for and even during my assesment my bosses were the ones who answered the questions on my behalf they told the supervisors that they believed that i could handle the job.