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Hello Maria,

Thank you for the follow-up and a response has been provided. I do not need the answer(s) to the rhetorical questions but feel free to answer if led to do so. I also felt the need to share this with you (and other guests) to provide how interpretations are provided in general in case others are wondering as well. A lack of response doesn’t mean that one is being ignored or forgotten. Sometimes, God doesn’t readily give an interpretation for purposes known only to Him. When the latter is the case, it behooves the dream interpreter to remain silent until a release or interpretation from the Holy Spirit is given. Sometimes the Holy Spirit says “Don’t respond” or “Don’t even go there.” Finally, this forum is currently responded to by random guests (this might change in the future, I do not know) like yourself, you may or not get an interpretation and with what you get, please take it back to the Holy Spirit to confirm the interpretation as we too have to be discerning and check the scriptures. Having said all that, I can understand the eagerness to get a response to a dream that one has posted especially when additional questions are asked for clarity, I’ve done the same in the past, lol!