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Chris Nihmey

Hello there,

Please pray for a former student of mine, Dean G. Dean is a transgender male who is suffering from uncontrollable addictions, depression, anxiety, and a lack of self-acceptance of who she truly is. Her birth name is Dina. She is 25 now.

I know that this self-acceptance and the prejudice she encounters have brought forth a lot of challenges and confusion in her life. Dina resorts to self-harm and self-medication to cope. She often cuts her wrists with a razor and abuses addictive substances. Addictions include alcohol, cough syrup, and the highly addictive crystal meth. I have called 9-1-1 over one hundred times in the last couple of years. A few times she overdosed but thankfully survived. A stomach pump was needed. She continues to say she will seek help. I’ve tried numerous times to get her to reach out to rehabilitation. Finally, after all this time, and many prayers, she has a scheduled date on May 14th for an inpatient stay at a rehabilitation center. Thank God for this.

Prayers are needed. Please pray that Dina comes to terms with who she truly is and once again accepts her birth gender. She is a believer who has lost her ways. She is filled with goodness and respect, but she is lost and confused and needs direction. Please pray that she finally puts her foot down and enters rehabilitation on May 14th. This will help her escape addiction and she would become a true testimony of the love, redemption, forgiveness, and healing power of Christ. Her goal is to help others who are struggling like she is. Pray for strength in her faith, in her trust in Christ, and that she finds hope and healing in her journey. Pray that she overcomes addiction and finds peace of mind and purpose to not only heal, but to change within, and find out who she truly is. Dina can then reach out to others who are struggling by sharing her testimony and faith with others, with the realization that Our Lord was by her side the whole time and carried her to healing through His loving grace and mercy. Thank you. I ask you to please join me as we pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless.