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Hello Yasmin,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

The dream suggests that you desire restoration (green blouse- could be general or specifically financially) in your life but that would be costly from your perspective. God wants to clothe you and wants you to walk in the full measure of your spiritual authority (long sleeved lilac blouse). There is an issue from either people like you or dear to you that you need to give up, that is surrender (flag). It might be anger (red flag). Once you do that you will start walking in spiritual authority (transformed to lilac flags). Eventually, you will be nurturing a responsibility (baby) that is driven by your Heavenly Father (blue car) and you will be fulfilled, happy, and satisfied.
Pray for your friend Tamara. I noticed something interesting. The colour purple/lilac is featured three times in your dream. The offered blouse, transformed flag, and guess what the third is? The meaning of Yolanda, violet flower!!! Yolanda may just be featured to highlight what God is saying to you as opposed to the individual. It wouldn’t hurt to encourage her to surrender something if it is applicable. Pray more about this as God wants YOUR spiritual authority to bloom to the fullest, Hallelujah! I also pray that you recognize what this responsibility (baby)is. Rhetorical question. Do you remember the colour of clothing that the baby was wearing? If not, it is not salient for you at this time.