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Hi Michelle,

It appears you are in the school system for this very reason. If you don’t expose it (in prayer) then no one else would know that it exists.

The first thing I would tell you is that you need to put the Armor of God on EVERY DAY before you head into work.

You need this as a protection against these forces. Especially because you have a history with cancer. You don’t want to do any type of confronting.

This is a word of knowledge and word of wisdom…
Observe, take note and ask God for a strategy on how to defeat this spirit that you are up against which is obviously and antichrist spirit mixed in with a Jezebel spirit. Jezebel surrounded herself with eunuchs (gender neutrality). The spirit is connecting with the Ahab spirit (the principal) to try and take over the school. This is the plan. So I am going to say it again, don’t confront her. Ask God to give you a strategy to overthrow the Jezebel spirit. It was the eunuchs that threw her off the balcony. I am prophesying that the students themselves will be the ones to expose and overthrow her. It’s going to get back to the parents and there will be a big uproar and she will leave the school.

And, don’t leave the school. This is your assignment.

Cover yourself with the Armor. Pray for the strategy. Ask God to give the plan to overthrow her. Read the entire story of Jezebel from start to finish.

We will be praying for you on all of this. For your healing and that you will overcome this to the glory of God.

Please keep me updated on this. You can reply on this thread and with any updates and areas where you need additional prayer. Don’t put their names because it will come up on a Google search and you don’t want them discovering this.

God bless. Stay strong. God is going to do this through you.