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Sharon Martin

We are still in the year of full circle. We need to be vigilant to what comes into our lives…almost as if we were inspecting a plate of food with caution before eating it.

Jesus showed me that things in our past would start popping up in our lives from past things we were not fully healed in our heart from.

It may be the same name of that person in the past…same job opportunity…etc.

Look for similarities… like this looks the same, feels the same ect.

It’s two fold. So Jesus is allowing a thing to come full circle to bring total healing and restoration to our hearts while the enemy is coming with replicated situations scenarios…people to entice our old wounds..vulnerable spots to pull us back into what we need to be healed from.

All of this is to project us to where we should be as if that person place thing did not delay us.

Your dream is an awareness dream. I look at them as God handing us a pair of glasses to put on that he just washed. 😀

Be alert…don’t disregard what you don’t understand..log it in your dream journal..pray over it and sit with Jesus. He’s giving you a nugget of truth but you have to search for that wisdom to discover it yourself and therefore possess it.