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This was definitely a warning dream.
The dream is telling you that a spirit of deception is seeking to establish itself in your life, but the wisdom of God is preventing this spirit from working the way ot wants. It needs you to move out of the way, hence the man making you move yoir car so that he could park his truck, and the significance of you walking around the tree to get to the gravel lot. A tree is typically symbolic of wisdom and life. I get the steong feeling that this spirit is seeking to lead you astray, so that you can lead others whom the LORD has given you as a light can be led astray too. It could very well be your husband.
However, I also think the dream is symbolic for what is happening throughout Christian homes. Remember, scripture tells us that it was Eve who allowed herself to be deceived, and in her deception she led Adam astray. The significance of you being afraid of the man knowing where you lived shows what would happen by you allowing this deception: at some point, you would realize you are going the wrong way, but would become worried, as you have opened the door to this deception or peraon in a way that would allow them to know intimate details about you. The significance of your father being young, although he left this earth an old man is showing that this deception is something that is being presented as something young and new, but really is of old, something that has died and is now being revived. Also, the significance of your father and just being in your fathers house overall represents the grace and protection of God. Remember, when a man dies, all his thoughts perish with him. Also remember that a spirit can inhabit anyone, man or woman. Blessings to you!