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Maria Oramas

I dreamed that I was working in my last job and all of the sudden I realize that I was no supposed to be there. Then I asked myself how did attained accees to the place since I did not have badge. My previous employment was for an airline so I was inside the airport. So I am trying to figure out how to get out before Soneone sees me. So I said I dont need to take anything with me because I removed everything previously. But I took 2 pens. The i asked a lady to see if she could help me out of the secure are so I can get my car out of the garage and go home. The lady had a green bag and as we walk to the back of the airport she hands this set of beautiful dangling earings. So as we approach the gate see everyone using there badge to go out and we past someone that i knew but I hid my upper part of my body so she could not see I did not have badge. At all this I had not telling the lady that I did nit have a badge because I did not wanted her to get in trouble. So I saw a narrow pass way were people werw exiting with out a badge to I told is through there. When we exit I noticed that there was no access to the main street. So I told her lets go back to see if we can find a way out. Then I told her that i did not have a badge and she took hers off her neck and we kept on looking. Then i noticed a pass way with a gate door were people were just using a button for the gate to open and I told her ok through there and it was the access to the main street, but she told me she could not go with me because she had more merchandise to receive like jewelry. Then one the person in front pushed the button I walk right behind and I was finally outside then I woke up.