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N Mitchell

I will stand in prayer with you. I am too going on a period of fasting for deliverance for my family and myself. I will include your petition while I am on my fast!

One thing I did note in your prayer request is that you state that, from what I am understanding is that God is not yet revealing the divine healing and manifestations in your life, in regard to your prayers.

If what I am saying is correct, and only if you agree with my assessment above, then I urge you to please stop thinking in that way. Please redirect your thoughts to Proverbs 3 5:6. We have to approach all of our hardships, prayers and supplications with spiritual eyes, not physical.

The bible is littered with examples of this. If we look at the example of Daniel, how he started fasting and praying for an answer from God, and only after the 21st day did God’s messenger come to him. Daniel stayed in a posture of prayer, even though he did not see God’s manifestation thru his prayers. Remember, the messenger angel said that God heard Daniel the moment he started praying. We have to believe this for our situations as well.

Look at Joseph, he was in bondage for 17 years before the Lord God’s manifestation began on his prayers. Compared to 21 days, 17 years seems like an eternity, but God still came thru for them both in their appointed times.

I want to leave you with a saying that blessed me from watching the Joseph (cartoon) movie on youtube.

When it comes to silence from God, or what we think to be silence or unanswered prayers, or lack of manifestation: SILENCE DOES NOT MEAN ABSCENCE.

God is working things out in the Spirit realm and that is where the victory counts. We cannot see what God is doing in the spiritual plane because we have limitations, we are clothed in flesh and we are amongst the land of the living on Earth. The spirit realm is beyond the confines of Earth.

God is fighting for us on his end and we have to trust completely in his word that he is doing just that.

I will uphold every name and every situation you list on this page (in prayer) as I undertake my fast. I will pray for you also and trust that God will give me the discernment to pray for you according to his will for your life and the lives of the ones you mention above.

I believe that God will do all that you ask of Him. I will stand in prayer with you and lean on the Name of Jesus that every demon and unclean spirit of oppression in your life will be unseated! Amen.