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Hello Ara,

May Yahweh Alone be praised and “yes” please continue to seek the Holy Spirit! Not many new believers experience that kind of revelation at “3 years old” of salvation. That dream you had posted elsewhere of the rope to heaven, is very rich and reminds me of one of the 4 living creatures mentioned in Revelations. I highly recommend that you read about the 4 living creatures that around the throne of God. There is more about them actually in Isaiah and Ezekiel. I think the reason that the lion (one of the faces of the living creatures with wings) was used and not the man, eagle, or calf (or ox) was because God was asking you to be bold and courageous which is similar to what one of the men in your dreams under a tree if I’m not mistaken was encouraging you as well. That is what I meant by your dreams mostly have the same meaning just being presented in different angles/lenses.
Everyone’s experience of hearing from God is different, that is why it is called a personal relationship. I believe that the fact that you are sharing/seeking for advice will help you steward this gift as well. Be encourage. I have noted your request.