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Jud Lan

Hi Bret, Recurring dreams usually means that you have not understood or absorbed the message of the dream, so it is a reminder to deal with ‘this’.
First dream: You have been away from your first love which refers to your love relationship with Jesus Christ. Accepting Him as our Saviour gives us rights to the clothes He provides: the helmet of salvation, breast plate of righteousness, belt of truth (covering your private parts), shoes of the preparation of the gospel of peace, shield of faith, sword of the spirit, garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness, robe of righteousness. If you are missing any of these items in your dream, you need to repent of whatever sins you have in your life and ask Jesus to forgive you. You will instantly be re-clothed in those items.
Second dream: You are responsible as an overseer for someone else such as a child or a spouse. As parents we are responsible for our children until they reach the age of understanding where they can make their own decisions. Until that time, you have the authority to drive out unsafe influences from thier lives (via what they watch on TV, online, or who you allow to participate in their lives such as their friends/babysitters, etc. The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy and loves to attack the weakest link in families so as parents we need to pray for their protection and trust Jesus will continue to speak life and wisdom into their lives. Your efforts are making a difference, but are reminded to pray for your children and plead the Blood of Jesus over them.