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I had a dream whereby my daughter came and hugged me and she just would not stop hugging me for a long time for that moment. After this scene, I move into a scenario where my daughter and I are watching my friend change her baby and I am conversing with her. My friend informs me that she is leaving for South Africa for good and I remind her of how we used to meet every two weeks for drinks. My friend, Esther replies to me and tells me that we never used to meet every two weeks, we meet weekly and now she is leaving for good, and the dream ends

Background information
My daughter and I are not in good terms in terms of our relationship, she doesn’t even hug me in real life because of a lifestyle that she got into and I corrected and told her that it was wrong. So I have been praying for our relationship and her change of lifestyle. I am currently on the Daniel fast and this is the dream God gave me.