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Hello SCT,
Thank you for the kind words. I wanted to respond because I didn’t want you to think that you exposed your heart with no response. I’ve actually been very sick (the sickest I’ve ever been in my life if I’m not mistaken) for over 2 weeks, but Yahweh Rapha, the Breath of Life has been Faithful. I am on the mend, Hallelujah!

I suggest that you steward the gift that you have. By that I mean, learn more about it and start using it to bless others. In addition, I don’t know why God chooses some over others for such a gift but I am thankful and humble that He chose me (and it appears yourself and many others-you may be surprised) in this respect. Please learn more about the gifts of the Spirit and it will help. About the premonitions, I feel that gifting is for spiritual warfare, strategies for profession/career, Word of knowledge (to encourage people about the present or past),to warn others of impending doom/issues, and so on. Surrender fear of using the gift, fear of envy/jealousy from other, or pride that might rise associated with the gift and say “Here, I am, I am your servant, Lord,” if that is your true heart’s desire. I hope that helps!