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Yes, Sarah. That is the interpretation that I believe I received from the Holy Spirit as well. I believe that the Lord may have given you this dream to give a warning to the Church. The season of being able subsist on breast milk is coming to an end. That is why the milk had to be given away hurriedly before the milk spoiled and was no longer any good. Pretty soon, it will require spiritual maturity to be able to stand and endure. May we grow as the body of Christ and move beyond spiritual infancy and grow into spiritual adulthood. We should honor Him when He takes the time to speak through His vessels, by adhering to the guidance that He provides. If we, as the body of Christ, want salvation, we do not have the option to pick and choose the words that we want to hear. We cannot have itching ears and choose to only listen to what soothes our flesh. We need to humble ourselves before the mighty hand of God. There is a way that seems right unto a man but it leads to destruction. We must spiritually mature to a place where we can truly hear the voice of the Good Shepherd and the voice of a stranger we do not listen to. Being able to hear the Lord’s voice requires spiritual maturity as well as crucifying our flesh. It takes sacrifice. We must offer a sacrifice unto Him that is pleasing to Him. We are a living sacrifice unto the Lord, so the life that we live is to be devoted to Him as our pleasing sacrifice unto Him. Jesus died for us so that we may live for Him. May we not grieve the Holy Spirit, to whom we are sealed unto the day of redemption. When He speaks, we should listen. We should believe the true prophets of the Lord and so shall we prosper. May we, the body of Christ, as the Lord’s chosen generation and royal priesthood, be good ground unto the Lord. May we profit off of the word of the Lord. May we find favor in His sight. May He know us, the true saints, in these last days and may we know Him and the true resurrection of His power. May He keep us in His hand. May He guide us by His Spirit. May we understand the times and seasons that are ahead and the time and season that is upon us, for the Lord, our God, is soon to return and everyone better get ready for His return. May He find us ready and prepared for His glorious return. May He be pleased and find us ready as His good and faithful servants. May we find favor in His sight. Amen