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Jud Lan

Hi A.K.,
This dream shows that despite you and your friend falling out, you are able to go back there and try to clean up things (with the broom). The pen hints that you may be able to do this through writing (perhaps with an initial email), or maybe not since you actually go there in person in the dream. His mom asks you about the detergent which means you may need to do more clean up than you anticipate because she says it is not enough detergent. Therefore, be humble and be prepared to take ownership of more of the dirt to clean up than you may feel is needed.

Your friend is wearing spectacles now which means he has a fresh new revelation or fresh vision. He is facilitating a new ministry for his mom which will probably involve many women who are able to bring about mending (probably relationships) things for people. She is fully equipped and ready to go with all those sewing machines which represent a ministry of repairing, mending, producing righteousness. She is just waiting for the final structures to be in place for such a ministry to be fully launched in a much bigger way than it is functioning right now.

You went there expecting to retrieve a tiny item (a pen), but left there with the promise of a restored relationship with him after only interacting with her. This also tells you the process requires your patience since you are waiting for him to be done his tasks before you can move on together. He’s a good and generous son who is serving and helping his mom in a big way, but she also ultimately helps both of you.

I pray that all things that are supposed to be restored will be restored in Jesus name, Amen.