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Jud Lan

Hi Njeri
This dream is speaking about generational issues regarding your grandmother and aunt passing. It is their house so it is like you are reviewing things from them and putting things in order which confirms the shower which represents you being cleansed. The note from your aunt is probably something you will ‘open and read’ later, but are not prepared to do so right now; just a promise that you will be addressing more of this at a later time. Mourning is a process so that is not surprising that you are basically saying goodbye to many of these things.

It is a good sign that you are organizing what you see in each of those rooms. The clothes you find in one room probably represent the things that they probably were known for saying to you. “Robe of righteousness, garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness” are scriptural examples of clothing which ultimately reveals what a person regularly speaks. Again, the theme of you cleaning up things from the past by you sorting these clothes. It’s like you are sorting out what things were a blessing from them and what were not necessarily the best things for them to have said to you so you are getting rid of those things, but keeping what is a blessing to you.

The kitchen is a place where people serve and represents that part of your heart. Your friend’s gift of a purple carpet confirms her words of encouragement to look up (look on the brighter side) because purple is the colour of royalty. Therefore, the dream is telling you that your service is of such fine quality it is recognized as of royal standards. Although it is impractical to literally carpet a kitchen, this part of the dream is telling you that as you serve, you will be walking a royal pathway which will be or is a habit of yours. Proverbs 22:29 “Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before unknown men.” There is even a hint of travel because of the airline ticket line – possibly something in your future as a result of your service?

Kittens are young cats which means that it is the beginning version of what cats represent. Cats represent vicious attacks/witchcraft and independent, rebellious spirits. This part is a warning to you particularly pointing at the woman connected to the travel ticketing opportunity. Beware of such things. It is good that you removed the cat biting your sister but in so doing, you also got bitten – both of you were victimized by these attacks. You can pray against such attacks and that these plots of the wicked will not come to anything. Remember, a curse without a cause will not be able to land. Therefore, don’t give people reasons to curse you and if they try to, they won’t impact you. Also, scripture warns about how to assist others when trying to help them through a difficult time to be careful lest you yourself fall into the same trouble. Pray that you guard your heart so you will not do so.

Although there is a warning, doesn’t mean you can’t travel – you need to discern and hear from God, is such a trip truly led of the Holy Spirit, or will it result in a bunch of trouble because of such attacks from those involved.

Back to generational issues; your dad shows up in the dream. He opens a door. As many dads do, they open up opportunities for their children, and your dad does too. However, you have not walked through that opportunity yet because you are hiding behind the very door that he has opened. Hiding in the dark means you are still in a bit of confusion about this or indecision about it, so just pray that God’s will be done and obey His leading in it. Then, it will become clear exactly what path will be best. Since he is wearing a bathrobe, which is typically worn just before or after a cleansing shower, that indicates where he is in his process of dealing with his own dirt. Only he knows whether he is approaching the repentance/renouncing of sins stage or if he has just done that and is ready to become clothed in righteousness. You want to let him know about the purple carpet – which, I agree, is an exciting message to you, like an evangelist or testimony of God’s goodness to you, you are sharing the good news with him. The dream does not tell you how he responds to such news.

Very interesting dream – I pray blessings on you as you continue through the process of dealing with things from the past and that you make wise, discerning decisions as opportunities arise, in Jesus name. Amen.