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Jud Lan

Hi Zoila, This dream shows her perspective and state of affairs for herself and her sister: She sees you and your husband as a rock, unshakable, unflappable despite all that happens around you. You remained calm despite an earthquake-like experience. Your house insurance is not what gives you peace, but represents that you have a Saviour who stabilizes you.
Conversely, your daughter sees herself and sister as not stable and at risk and vulnerable. They only want to cry and run away in fear. Scripture says that if the people do not praise Him, the earth will shake and the rocks will cry out. Therefore, this dream is telling them/warning them, that they need to start praising the Lord lest they miss out on the opportunity to have peace through challenges as you have. I pray that your daughters will submit to the Holy Spirit once and for all and commit all their concerns to the Prince of Peace who is Jesus. In Jesus name, Amen.