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Jud Lan

Hi Kristin,
There is a comparison to how life from high school has changed to how it is now; priorities have shifted making society operating in a parallel duality. There are those who are acting as though nothing has changed and continuing to drop off children for daycare, etc., then there are those who are very fearful and trying to steal from others. It even impacts how they think logically (eggs/milk out in the open at the check out counter) but they don’t address the wrongness of how it should be.
The dream is showing you that you realize how convoluted society has become, but the warning is not to become afraid (hiding out in the basement and trying to focus only on your own needs). It doesn’t help anyone to shift into a self-preservation mode. Jesus has never called us to do that, but has always given us the keys to provide for other’s needs. Remember the old mnemonic: JOY = Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last. Jesus always cares for others and provides for their needs before his own and we are called to do the same. I pray blessings on you so you will not walk in the same fears as everyone around you, but will recognize who you are in Christ and rise up to be the Jesus they need to see everyday, in Jesus name, Amen.