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Hi Ara Jesse,

I believe the man with the beard is HaMasiach, the Anointed One (Olive Tree) and the High Priest. The “beard” represents the High Priest’s beard as it was the first High Priest’s (Aaron’s) beard that the anointing oil flowed through, downward from his head, down to the hem of his priestly garment. The flowing down of this oil symbolizes the Lord’s unity with His people Israel and the people’s unity with each other and the Lord flowing down His covenantal blessings onto this holy and spiritual union. (Psalm 133) The olive tree symbolizes a spiritual meeting place/ground to commune. Yeshua is sitting, ready to share and commune with you through His Word and beckons for you to come. Will you come to Him, Ara Jesse? When He calls you again, you should be like His servant Samuel and say “Speak Lord, your servant is listening”. (1 Samuel 3:9) The number 7 represents divine perfection and symbolizes, in this case, the divine alarm and sounding bells that the Lord is wanting you to sound for the church in this hour. Like Noah and the ark, we must get ready in this divine hour for He who Was and Is and Is to Come will surely come. Be ready like the wise virgins by having your lamp (glass) full of olive oil (fruits of the olive)(Mathew 25:1-13). Be ready like Noah by seeking refuge in the ark of the covenant. Amen