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It was more like a revival, than a prayer meeting. I did not know the pastor who spoke those words over me. We were all praying as a group and while we were praying, the pastor said he could see a blue halo over my head. I don’t remember what he said after that. I was too shy at the time to go up to the pastor and ask him what his words meant. I was only 18 at the time.

Thank you for clarifying what shalom means.

I’ve also have had a vision about my deceased grandparents. They died at an old age, one with ALzheimers and the other dementia. In my vision, I saw them in the era of the 1940’s. They were smiling and dancing dressed in clothes back in the 1940’s. They were in their 20’s. My dad later told me, my grandparents used to always dance together in their kitchen when he was a boy.

I have had vision about my dad in the future being very old, before he passes. At the time, we thought my Dad had cancer. The results came back negative.

I’ve also had a premonition that I had more than one cousin. Come to find out my Aunt was given up for adoption as a baby and she has two daughters. I found this out just a year or so later after the premonition.

I wanted to tell you these things. When I tell people what I’ve experienced no one truly understands or believes me. They just shake there heads yes, not knowing how to respond. You seem to know and understand these things. It makes me feel close to you and the people over this website. Thank you for listening.