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Hello Ann,

I’m not MOP rather a guest like yourself. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

The enemy is relentless and will use anything to attack people that desire to walk with the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. Having said that, true children of God cannot have anything impure in their lives. You must guard your eyes, ears, mouth against what is not pleasing to God. I don’t know your history in terms of living a pure life from a sexual stance. Remove anything that is displeasing to the Lord. The following statement ” I do not consume shows or songs with heavy Sexual content” made me pause. Any show/song with sexual content is displeasing to the Lord regardless of if it is heavy or light. It’s almost like painting a lie, white or any colour. A lie is a lie regardless of colour, lol! It’s one thing to seek our sexually/minimal explicit shows/songs/content and another to be bombarded accidently when watching regular t.v. (e.g., an ad that pops up out of know where!!!).
If you believe that you are innocent in consuming/partaking of any sexual immorality including relationships with men etc, rebuke the dreams as you have and just continue to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the source of this. Check your sleeping environment and sleeping partner (if any) as well.