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Reply To: I need help :(

Francis Adrian Dalangin

Hi! Please pray for Maria Eloisa Manlabao. Pray that her love for me would never last and pray that she will remain in love only with me and that no one could ever come on her to separate us except death. Pray that she will be faithful, loyal, and honest to me all the time. Pray that she will miss me so much whenever that we are not together and pray that she will love and take care of me unconditionally and that she will be sweet to me through actions and words. Pray that she will value me. Pray that I will be her boyfriend and she will be my girlfriend on our graduation or sooner than that. I will love and take care her unconditionally for the rest of my life and when the time comes that I will be her husband I will be a good husband to her and a father to our future children. May God always comes first for the both of us. I love God more than Maria and more than any others. God Bless!