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Cool I had a dream we where having a party in a big house that was more like a Victorian office building, it had a large Great room with a Cigar shaped Hole in the floor the size of a Swimming pool, you could see the foundation of the building was entirely brick, the hole was intentionally designed it was evenly bricked and went all the way down to dirt, I got the vibe that it wasn’t finished. I spent most of the time at the party outside in a parking lot doing some kind of weird security rounds. outside was a Apartment complex. after the party I went Inside and all the men in our family was filling in the hole in the floor with dirt and bricks. When we got ✅ be with that I was driving down a country road at night with titus and seth in a truck like an old military jeep but the top was closed, somebody was chasing us, and we were also hu ting them. and I asked titus for a rifle (Seth was driving titus riding shotgun me in the back/bed I can’t tell which) titus said we didn’t have one. I said yes we do and told him my 300 was in the truck. And he said I’ll be damned it is and handed it to me. I went to work the bolt and there were no bullets. Then we all were outside the truck and I was looking for bullets and the buttstock of my rifle which and ben switched to an improperlyr installed 6 poi t adjustable stock. For the rest of the dream I was hunting somebody mainly with a k ife and still looking to make my rifle work.