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It sounds to me like a fear dream. Unless you’re convinced differently (i.e. the Lord showing you), that is what I believe this kind of dream is. Possibly fear of loss.

Did you feel remorse that couldn’t find the hole? My experience with satanic dreams is that he creates the fear, then accuses you in some way.

The dream could also be about something that might happen. In that case, pray against that situation. I’ll pray with you and agree that any child that is vulnerable to be protected.

In the end, none of this was your fault or your doing. You were trying to protect.

I have bad dreams occasionally, but if I know I’m doing my best to be close to the Lord and not fooling around, leaving cracks open for the enemy through “little” disobediences, then I forget the dream.
The Lord always gives me the interpretations to dreams that He gives me, but not always immediately. It was two years before I understood a dream God gave me. It turned out to be a guidance dream about the future which I understood more and more as time went on.