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Amen & amen! We come in agreement with your prayer. As a result of your heart, we are making you the first partaker of this prophetic word that was received from the Lord.

“I would say to you the seeds that you have sown will come to fruition. Because they have already birth in the spirit months ago
When it manifests in the natural it will fully grown. It will not be as a natural birth of watching a woman pregnant for 9 months, then infancy, then toddler, then teenager, then adult. No I say to you it will be a sign and a wonder for when you see it it will already be fully grown. As the vine dresser tends to the vine I am watching over the growth process in the spirit. Look for the new ways in which I am communicating with you in this hour”

Habbakuk 2:3
Isaiah 66:7-14