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Teresa Tracy

Thank-you for agreement in prayer for my friend that was in the accident a month & a half ago (in therapy now) The Lord to continue healing him completely. He was dead when he got to the hospital. Please pray for his posture & has to baby step walk with walker until leg healed (which they put a steel rod in and arm still healing. That the anorism that they will xray Friday- that ever won’t be anything serious – that the Lord will heal completely. Has his chest pulled together with wires – was cut open & had the vehicle turn over 11 times & go into a river & into a ditch- they cut him out. And he was sending me videos on the 5th day with a paint splat to the screen & then he was waving at me & showed me all injuries.

Thank-you & pray for me – I am a disabled veteran & have the familiar spirits & they let in the witches in my relative side that the Lord had seperated away- so I have not the privacy I had when my body was healed. I have witch attack/pestering to my bed/back to toss & turn & my neck wasn’t caring for that this morning- My injury history had neck/back brace & need therapy for rest of life unless the Lord heals me and these monitors were saying when first came in- that’s all she does is exercise. Well yes- I have to. I’m not a bodybuild with lover of self- I’m disabled and now my therapy has been neglected because the stare characters are abusing me & I’m not relaxed to do therapy. I printed the prayers to read on here. To have breakthrough. If the witch or these familiar spirits caused my friend to have something happen- the Lord protect us & that he can walk good again & my home to be a safe home. They don’t want me to relax. They do things to every chair I sit in.