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Hi Laura, I think God was showing you since you were a teenager that you have the gift of prophecy and also for intercession. It is the job of the prophet and intercessor to warn the church and people. You have the ability to see things from afar off and warn others of the danger. The tornadoes are not actual tornadoes but rather circumstances, situations and sometimes people who could cause harm to others. The next time you have one of these dreams pay attention to the other people in the dream, these are the people you need to pray for and watch to see what is happening in their lives. Once you know what they are about to do or get involved with you will be able to clearly see what or who the tornado might be. You can also ask God for further clarification after the dream to show you what the tornado might be. You must remember that 99% of the time dreams are warnings. They don’t need to happen and only do when we fail to act. When we don’t pray about what we see in dreams or ask God what we need to do to divert it, then it happens. Don’t wait too long after you have these dreams start praying the moment you wake up and you can put an end to whatever the disaster might be. You can also call the other people who you saw in the dream and let them know that you see something coming and they just need to be careful about the decisions they are about to make. When you start using this gift God will begin to mature you in this gift and you can use it to help so many people. God Bless You Laura.