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Hi, Im Cyndy.

I am married to my hubby for 18 yrs and we have 3 loving kids- 17,12 and 5.Two boys and 1girl. We are both Christians and gone through so many trials in our life. My husband is a responsible and a loving family man who’s a captain of the ship. Everytime he is on vacation , family time comes first.I worked before but last 5 yrs ago I stopped choosing family over career. My husband was also a survival of Somali Piracy last 2011. Back then we were a happy family. From an office girl, I found happiness of being a full time mom to my kids and a good wife to him. But last 2014 .things changed. When he got into an affair with his ex girlffriend who also had a husband here in ourcountry and she was also a distant relative of him. Believe it or not, it was all through prayers that God revealed everything about their relationship on board. Somebody from his ship leaked all the emails and their pictures which i never had any knowledge. My husband actually changed…everything. He never admit the affair until last year when our marriage both hit us down. He changed so much that he had hit me twice when I confronted him.Because the girl was here in our country. And the affair continued…That day was so painful because for the first time, the man whom I love most was the same man who had hit me physically and bruised me emotionally.I was hurt. He left for his contract last year without seeing my kids and I at the airport for the first time..

I turned to God for His bountiful grace and mercy. I asked Him to heal me and change my heart.I and my kids undergone almost a year of family counseling and we understand more about forgiveness and compassion. We are healing. By God’s grace, I was able to forgive my husband and the girl.In my heart I know, its the right thing that God wants me to do .My kids were able to forgive their Dad even without his sorry by sending him emails, reaching him out even if there’s a reply or not or his messages are negative.
I know that God had forgiven me from all my sins thus I had told my husband thru an email that I had forgiven him also and that I am sorry for the things I had done..

He never answer.

At the moment, I fully surrendered everything to God. My love for my husband. Our marriage. Our family. Evrything. I and my kids are continuously praying for God to talk to him, open his heart so that he will be enlighten. For He alone knows everything about him…and just like us, my kids and I know that God had loved my husband first before we love him.That nothing is impossible to Him and that in His beautifully perfect time, He will restore our family.

Iam truly blessed to have you as our prayer partner on this…for we believed that the effective and fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much (james 5:17)

God bless your team.