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I am in business & I am having the blessing that the Lord gave me through my ministry. When I just spoke something out earlier- the image of a midget on the other side of my computer – that I am being forced to look at & tolerate thought it was funny- a cunning funny. The pure & loving thoughts has affliction/assignment & this group I am asking to be released from. Poltergeist on the chair & on & on pester & badger all day. The dishonor to these in this group is truth & they won’t acknowledge. They can’t come out of denial & take constructive criticism & get right. They want coercion & sexual abuse that I can feel a flannel shirt midget (the others have suits) doing all the time I’m in the chair- it’s mental abuse. Please pray hell & its expression so much needing to be expressed to go from my home. No bindings, ties, bondage. Cut the fetters asunder Lord. Set Me Free Lord. Separate me, set me apart & make me holy. This group has no respect. This is my private home. My business is none of their care. They are coveting my intellect & I don’t like them here. That I am not a resource center for thieve hoodlums. That all the users, connections, links they use- all of them- by the roots be done with. No strongman. Privacy, peaceful abode. Amen. They want to reverse my prayers, my blessings- because they need to pay me back for not taking their choice pick guy- sorry not my god. This season of all of this has endured to long. I don’t want it’s talk & language in my life. Please that this dwarf has his license revoked & that they get put in to mental hospital- they don’t function in the public community well. I am not the first this has gone on to.