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There are 2 groups that are manipulating & expressing themselves with their evil witchcraft, sorcery poltergeist mental illness when they don’t get bowed down to. I am having a business & they are wanting to take my mind & rape all my rolladex of contacts & all my data. Thanks that the Lord made me an original of my own self & blessed me for my family how he is able. Thank-you these tyrants of counterfeit ignorance can turn back & take their analyzing caretake (never had healing & toxic mental illness) can get out. Sitting with a sick female in my body that is not with eating right or fitness is extreme oppression & that you would fill me with your holy spirit- she is not my God. Please don’t allow this to continue & cease its operation. Thank-you for your love, life & light to return to my family & the jelous of hell to stay in their own home. Their is no quick fix or perk here for them. Please help them in their own home & life- I do not care for being sabotaged & as if they want to isolate & take me away from the friends of Christ & all by doing things to make everyone think I am crazy. Thank-you for taking their power away & stop them from continuing with this abuse. Amen. The toxic & big man stay afar from here- back out with it’s territory skunk into my atmosphere. The light to burn out the darkness. Amen.