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Vance Vaz

Please pray for me and ask Our Loving Jesus to bless me with a good job abroad as I am very tensed and stressed as i am going to be 35 yrs old and I want to make a life, i want to get married and make a family and be a well settled man and provide my family the best. Help me Jesus in my finances as I have a big loan and I have to pay it all and be financially stable and settle down in life. Please Jesus you are the Lord and my King your one word can change it all, do not forsake me Lord please!! MY LORD U ARE SOO POWERFUL WHY ARE YOU NOT HELPING ME, WHY ARE YOU IGNORING MY PRAYER AND TEARS. SEE MY SUFFERINGS MY LORD… I NEED YOU NOW AND EVERY MINUTE OF MY LIFE COME LORD JESUS COME INTO MY LIFE AND CHANGE MY LIFE AND EVERY SITUATION…. I AM NOTHING WITHOUT U I AM JUST DUST, MOULD ME N MAKE ME THE PERSON U CREATED ME TO BE. HELP ME IN MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MAIZLE O LORD… I BELIEVE YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS POSSIBLE PLEASE DO NOT FORSAKE ME LORD I BOW AT YOUR FEET FOR MERCY AND FORGIVE ME A MISERABLE SINNER LIKE ME. LORD NOT MY WILL BUT, YOUR WILL BE DONE. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!! I TRUST IN YOU JESUS…. THANK YOU JESUS!!