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please pray that all those who in dulge in taking my kid away and broke my home, all audry hycinth vanessa and karl will leave this land permanently to india never to return also lambert from iraq,to return to india and also Attar to leave uae permanently & go to india forever bless my child and be with her ,guide her my ears are waiting for her to contact and speak to her i miss her voice lord only you know all of it bring her home lord..bring in peace unity oneness forgiveness love joy and laughter in our midst ,and a prayer life build us back to be good in your kingdom take away what is not of you from us cover us with your precious blood,change her heart to mildness holiness forgiveness love and prayer life ,we need you to live in us lord holy spirit guide and live in us, puja lord will not be in touch with my daughter take her away far never to be heard or seen disconnect that connection forever and forgotton. that women releation will be delated from my husband life and thrown in to the sea.never to be heard or seen . that the family will send the divorce papers as urgent to release my husband from their clutches. that family will never trouble or speak to his mother cut their releations forever & that she never enters my husbands mothers house any more that womens brother faizal farooqi should be terminated & leave this country permanently..that the divorce since he is taking lord bless him with the provision of finance, and lead him with wisdom & knowledge how to go about it provide him with a good n brillant lawyer that the case will clear immediately on the same day & be in our favour & shame the enemy for their wrong doing , lord shut the enemys mouth & be put to shame protect your son in every step he takes,and you lead him speak for him . bless sbm with huge projects as the vision you showed me and i beleive all the payments and LPOs release them from the hands that are held . i ask all this in your name jesus. mr thomas n mr paul will give him the lpo for the job and contack SBM all meetings quotations will turn into LPO S for your son….MR RAYMAN will not hold your sons extra money taken but will give it to him back give him no peace till he returns make him have fear to hold your ons money but call him and deliver it to him. i pray the al ghurair project to come to sbm, & another huge base project to be received by sbm lord. bless my husband with the knowlege & wisdom for the the new buissness s, and bless him with the maintence company for the supply of labourers to be launched , church pls continously pray for these urgent requests. take away all the sellers who take away and disturb our sale. dissapear ABS holding who are troubling us in our sale, bless and bring back my sale in our products.lord please bless my husband as i dont know what is heavy n burdened, take away release him from any stress comfort give him joy laughter bless him give him courage speak for him take away any kind of fear for he has chosen your right path lead him walk with him help him to get out of that issue bless him to build new buissness help him with the trade licences bless him with provision of finances for it bless him to sellect good designers staff for his advertising give him the provision that will make him happy thanking u for hearing my prayers and granting my requests, bless my womb with most beautiful extremely intelligent & brillant children who will also work for the kingdom of god ,pour out the abundance of blessings dissolve and delate that issue for him u help him we place it in your hands.