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Dear Sir

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

I have an urgent Prayer Request

Personal Information for who the Prayer is Requested

Name Maria Uzma

Age 28 Years


Status : Married ( Separated )

This girl who has married to a muslim guy has left her , this guy (Ayaz ) married her with the help of a witch craft spell , now as she has returned to her mother , she is still under that bind and she is worrying her mother that she want to go back to that person , but the person doesn’t want her back ,

She is also influenced of other guy so called azzil according to her mother , I don’t know how true is that ,

Please pray for this girl Maria that she may be cleared from the witch craft bond and her eyes may open , and she may truly come to her senses ,

She is so irritating and aggressive as day s are passing buy , she doesn’t want to go to church , she tries to stay away from the places where prayer meeting are going on .

Please it’s a request from her mother , that she may be released from the bondage .


Your Brother in Christ