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Dear Heavenly God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit

I am praying for that you will send Archangel Michael to protect my daughter while she is living abroad to get an education – may she go in the light of you and always be secure because Arcangel Michael protects her in her school, home, when she goes/bicycle home from her job. Let her be happy and get healed by you, Lord. Thank you Dear Lord for hearing my prayers for her. Also I am praying for myself, I need better finances so that I can visit my daughter, and so that I can buy food and new cloth. I need better finances to pay my depth, so that I can travel a bit more. Also Im praying you, Lord, to protect me and heal me in my spirit and soul, send me the right persons for the prayergroup in TLIG, and let me get started in translating TLIG. Also I need soon to meet the man, Ive been asking you heavenly Father to send me, so we can spend the days in love and happiness. Thank you for hearing me, Amen