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Dear Maria,

I am going to assume that the love of your life, Jeff, is the father of the two precious girls who are your daughters. If he will not marry you, he is not fit to have any access to you or your children. God’s Word is good, a light to our souls. Stand on it. Do not give any man a higher place and regard than you give to God, your Creator and heavenly Father and the Father of your Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Listen to HIM. Trust HIM.

May God protect your daughters from any and all harm as they grow, tender plants that they are. May He heal them – and especially Gianna in this instance – from any and all damaging influences and effects. May He fulfil His promise, grace and truth that He is, the Sun of Righteousness who has healing in His wings, to personally teach your two precious daughters of their good Father in heaven’s fierce love for them: they belong to Him. He will avenge anyone who dares to harm them in any way: He is just and the source of love itself. May His SHALOM peace rest on Gianna and her sister – and may it be great.

As you thank God for blessing you with not one but two children and as you thank Him for blessing each of them with _________ (name every attribute, every aspect of each girl you notice), He is faithful to set them apart/make them sacred.

May God bless you richly; may the love of God flow through you to your daughters so they can experience the security of God’s provision in every way. May He remove any and all threats to their safety and well-being; may His divine presence in them protect them against any and all evil. May Christ shine in all your lives like a light to chase away any darkness into oblivion.

The day is dawning! God is faithful to do His will; He preserves the souls of His godly ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked. (Ps 97) Gianna and her sister have a future and a hope, thanks to their Father God in heaven and their elder brother, Jesus the Christ!