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Donna Murphy

To Whom It May Concern: Thank you for the article and the prayer. I know I have a monitoring spirit it’s only attacking my progress and my singleness. I notice I have certain guys that watch me and knows about me. Each time a guy likes me. These guys slander my names, tells likes make me look bad so the other guy won’t like me keeping me single. This been happening 34 years old my life. Even my dad watches me no matter how I show these guys that I don’t like them it don’t matter to them. As long as I am single or be desperate enough to date them. They are not good guys. Very controlling, abusive I since that in the spirit. God even gave me three warnings about one of them. I can’t escape them because one lives in my neighborhood, the other is on my job, and a couple follow my every move. I have no peace. I want to get married and have kids but I see my must fight for it. I have to fight for everything. I am tired of being followed, watch monitor all the time. It’s like it’s very demonic. I am trap. The only way I can get loose is to find a high paying job, so I can move to another apartment. Low paying jobs are keeping me trap. Or move to an another state. I keep having dreams about moving back to Daytona Beach Even though I haven’t taught about that issue. Is like when I ask the lord for directions it’s always a dream about Florida. On my job this guy who somehow knows about me causing trouble. If I don’t do something I will be single for the rest of my life something has to change. It’s like I am in bondage under these guys. I hope God will show you what’s really going on in the spiritual realm. Thank you so much for your time, prayers and consideration.