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Samson Ramiah

My name is Samson & my wife’s name is Radha. My wife and I have separated and this is hurting me beyond I can explain. We have been married for 12 years this 28 December. My wife is insisting on a divorce while I am insisting on restoring the marriage. Many pastors and I have explained her that divorce is of the devil, while restoration is of our God. My wife comes from a Hindu background. Her mother and her close friend who is our neighbour worship paganism with great dedication. These 2 people are also encouraging her to go ahead with the divorce. Her 12 years of love for me has changed into instant hatred. I call her every day but she refuses to take the calls. Yesterday (Christmas Day), I called her 5 times to wish her Christmas greetings but she refused to accept the calls. Her behaviour towards me is one of utter hatred. This behaviour is unlike her. I love my wife very much. I want God to miraculously turn her mind towards me with love. It’s 2 more days for our twelfth wedding anniversary. Since she comes from the Hindu background, I am not sure if she was fully committed to the Lord. I moved out of the house just to maintain peace. She did not provide me with meals for three and half months and locked me up in a confined space without access to the rest of the house. I forgive her for this unnatural behaviour. I trust that God will come through for me miraculously. I am an Associate Pastor and had to step down from all pastoral duties. I want to lead my church to a higher level in 2016, but this is going to be impossible due to the present situation. Please pray that God will change my wife’s mind from that of a divorce to one of restoration. I am very much hurt by this situation. Many prayers from various people and organisations are praying that my wife will agree for a restoration. Thank you for your prayers and God bless.