Prophetic Word for June 2024 – Remember Lot

prophetic word for June 2024

This is the prophetic word for June 2024 titled Remember Lot.

Who is this word for?  Everyone.

It’s been a sobering week for me with the Lord which turned into a whole teaching on obedience.  Something we all know, right?  But, again this time He showed me an aspect of obedience in today’s world that made me look at it differently.  I came to the realization that your prompt and immediate obedience can mean the difference between life and death.

What started all of this is that I became aware of the situation with Campi Flegrei in Italy.  This is a super volcano and it has been acting up.

Here is a video so you can get updated on what is happening there. I’m not going to refer to the video in the post so you can read the post and watch it after if you prefer.

The bottom line is the volcano is acting up and could erupt any day now.  Needless to say this is calling for the evacuation of 3 million people.  I just wondered what it would feel like to have to leave your home where you’ve lived your entire life, for generations.  Going where?  And, what if you don’t have a way to financially pay for the relocation?  How would you handle that?

I’ve been praying for these people to leave.  Leave.  Because there is no other option at this point but to leave. This thing could erupt today, tomorrow, next month, the next 2 years, who knows?  It’s going to erupt!!!

As I was praying I said to the Lord, what about Your children?  The ones that are really for You, how are they going to be protected?

And He said to me “Remember Lot?”

Mama Mia!  Remember, Lot was not supposed to be caught up in what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah.  Read the whole story in Genesis 19:12-26. The angels went there to tell him and his family to leave.  He left but his wife “looked back”.  I delved into this more because some part of me started wondering if what happened at Sodom and Gomorrah was actually a volcano.  Why else would God bring up Lot?

Look at the scriptures…

Genesis 19:24 NLT

Then the LORD made burning sulfur and fire rain out of heaven on Sodom and Gomorrah.


Burning sulfur falling from the sky, does that not sound like a volcano?  After a volcano erupts and the magma shoots up into the atmosphere does it not fall back down from heaven like burning sulfur?  It sure does. I never thought about it like this before but when He said to me remember Lot?  I immediately starting thinking about what happened there and the correlation with Campi Flegrei and it makes sense to me.

Then I thought, his wife was suppose to leave too but here is what the scripture says about her decision.

Genesis 19:26 NLT

But Lot’s wife looked back as she was following behind him, and she turned into a pillar of salt.

I see this scripture completely different now.  The CEV version of this scripture said “on the way” she looked back.  This means that she did leave but she went back.  Think about it, the angels were there to make sure they left BEFORE they set off the volcano.  So, they had to see them leave.  She left.  But I think she went back for something but by then it was too late.  Because once you have a volcanic eruption you cannot undo it.  It’s too late.

You know how it is?  Honey, you go on ahead, I forgot the passports in the house let me just run back and get it.

She was lagging behind.  Honestly, this made me view her differently.  I don’t know about you but I always pictured her as someone that wasn’t a good person.

If she was a bad person, there wouldn’t be angels there to get her out.  They went for the righteous ones, remember? So she belonged to the Lord but she just didn’t follow the instructions.

The other thing that came to me is that the scripture said she turned into a pillar of salt.  Have you ever seen the photos of the people that they found in Pompei after that volcanic eruption?  Sigh.  I didn’t want to put the photo in so here’s a link so you can see what it looks like.

I seriously couldn’t unsee the correlation with the people from Pompei and Lot’s wife.  By the way, Campi Flegrei is to the left of Naples/Napoli and Pompei is to the right.  It is the same region.

It is just very obvious at this point.

Here is where I ended with all this, when the Lord tells us that He will protect us, He means it.  When He tells us He will provide for us during economic hardship, He means it.  However, you need to be obedient.  It’s not a type of blank check where you get protected regardless of your obedience or the choices that you make.

We don’t get to make the decision on how He does it.  Protecting you can simply be, He told you to leave.

Therefore, if ever you are in a situation where God tells you to leave a place, a region, a person, a thing, or to stop doing something, please be mindful that a time limit may be in place.

Ask the question “How much time do I have here?”  If God tells you to leave a job “How much time do I have here?”

This is a very good question to ask because you need to understand what the limits are on things.

Your protection, your provision all hinges on your OBEDIENCE to His voice.  And sometimes the instructions can show up as things that we don’t want to hear. Sometimes even coming out of the mouth of people we may not know or even like.  It can show up as a situation that will make us very uncomfortable.  Our refusal in these critical moments can determine whether or not we are protected or provided for.

There was a stubbornness associated with Lot’s obedience.  He was told to leave right away but instead he stayed overnight.  He was told to not to go into the valleys but to go to the hills – again!  think volcano,  if there is a lava it will flow into the valleys and flat lands but up the hills they would be protected – he said he wanted to go to this other village nearby instead.  When the angels agreed they said they would make sure it doesn’t get to that village where they said they were going.  That means Lot’s wife went outside the city limits. Perhaps she didn’t even make it back to Sodom but because she violated the boundaries it got to her anyway!  And if you think about it, had they just went up the hill like the angel told them as she was heading back down, because she was high up, she would’ve seen the lava!  But because she was on the ground level she couldn’t see it, much less outrun it!  Lava can flow 60 mph. No man is going to outrun it!  On the hill, lava cannot climb up!  The instructions of going up to the hill was in place to completely protect them but they couldn’t grasp that at the time.  I am sure now that she was not with her family when she died, she was physically behind them and outside of the village where they told the angels they would be.

People who are stubborn don’t believe they are being disobedient, did you know that?  No!  They believe they know better.  This is the problem.  This is why stubbornness is IDOLATRY because the person is saying “I know better than God” without even realizing they are doing it.

The stubbornness of Lot and his wife, kept DICTATING TO GOD their rules of obedience. It wasn’t that they weren’t God’s children but that they failed to obey.

WHY is this relevant now?

Can we agree that we are in a season of judgement?  IF you are standing in the path of where God is calling the judgment, HE will tell you to leave.  This is what HE told me.  He is going to tell you.  The message can come through many different sources.  Are you telling me that Lot and family didn’t feel the tremors and the earthquake from the magma under the ground?  Of course!!!  That was the first sign.  And even after that God sent the angels.

It is your stubbornness that is going to get you killed.  Hard headed.

“Well, I’m protected because I’m a child of God”.  No ma’am!  No sir!  You are protected because you are OBEDIENT to the voice of God when HE tells you to go and OBEDIENT to go where He tells you to go,

YOU are not protected because you are a child of God.  You are protected based on your OBEDIENCE.

Put the blood of the doorpost so that the angel of death won’t kill you.  “Well, I’m a child of God!”  No ma’am!  No sir!  NOT IN A JUDGEMENT SEASON.


Think Noah!  Same thing!!!

We are in a judgment season.  If you step outside of the bounds of where God told you to be or what He told you to do, you have a problem.

I repeat, the Lord said to tell you that He will let you know what you need to do.  Your ability to make it through will depend on your obedience.  That’s how you’ll stay alive and that is how you are going to eat. Remember Lot.


8 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for June 2024 – Remember Lot”

  1. Hello prophetess,
    Thanks for always listening to God and sharing too. Indeed if we don’t obey this season we are finished. In genesis 26 isaac wanted to go back to Egypt cos of a famine but obeyed God and stayed back. Obedience caused him to prosper and prosper and he became wealthy and prosperous
    We live in a time we’re many people are migrating from one nation to another for ecomonic reasons andcalso hardships yet to some God has asked us to stay but we refused to listen to his voice. I pray that we are sensitive to the voice of God this season.

  2. Hi Nicole, I have been wanting to leave my relationship along time ago, but held onto it and eventually wedded in church. Over time things have worsened and even when the Bible says God hates divorce, I have decided to separate for now to maintain a good mental health and take care of the kids. Just the other day, a workmate I was sharing with after he heard me talk on phone bitterly and was interested in knowing what the problem was advised me to quit if I have decided to and never look back. He knows nothing about me , he is a senior to me as I have worked here just for a few months. I feel like this prophetic word is for me, how can I be sure ?

  3. Amen! God told us to sell our house (that we had just bought a year earlier, and was supposed to be our “forever home” due to how gorgeous it was).

    We obeyed and have become mortgage free and also we’re able to buy a solar package in cash so that we have no electricity bills.

    God made sure we’d have enough money to then start the business He gave me dreams to start. It’s crazy how much we would have missed if we hadn’t been obedient.

    Obedience is hard! But God is always trying to give us something better in the end. We just have to TRUST that He is good and knows what He’s doing.

  4. So true. Obedience brings the blessings. God told me three months ago to leave my job and come and work for Him full time. I told Him to confirm it and He gave me a dream. I was obedient. I quit my job.

  5. I receive the message. May God protect us as we hear His voice clearly telling us what to do. Help us Lord to be obedient seeking the Kingdom and Your guidance every day of our lives. Cover us with the lambs blood and keep us close to You. In Jesus name I ask of You. Amen.

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