Prophetic Word – Promises Fulfilled

This Prophetic Word is titled Promises Fulfilled.

Who is this word for?  Everyone. And, you’ll receive confirmation that this is for you based on what happens for you afterwards.

We all love rainbows, don’t we?  It always makes me smile when I see one because I am reminded of why God created the rainbows for us in the first place.  It was a sign given to mankind that He would never destroy the earth and its inhabitants again by a flood (Genesis 6).

Here is the scripture where the rainbow first appeared.

Genesis 9:13-17

13 “I set My rainbow in the cloud, and it shall be for the sign of the covenant between Me and the earth. 14 It shall be, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the rainbow shall be seen in the cloud; 15 and I will remember My covenant which is between Me and you and every living creature of all flesh; the waters shall never again become a flood to destroy all flesh. 16 The rainbow shall be in the cloud, and I will look on it to remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth.” 17 And God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant which I have established between Me and all flesh that is on the earth.”

So when I see a rainbow I smile and I always say “thank you God for keeping your promises to us.”  That’s it.  I don’t really stop and take pictures of every rainbow I see, I just reflect and move on.

Well, until this one.

I was driving with my daughter in the car and I noticed this rainbow.  It was the start of the rainbow because I saw it arching to the right.  Then I noticed right behind it there was a second rainbow not as bright as the first one.

There was something about this rainbow that was different.  It was almost as if it was speaking to me.  Kinda like Moses and the burning bush.  It was like there was a message in this rainbow. It wasn’t even the complete rainbow, because the top of it was cut off.  I just saw the bottom of both and they arch upwards and disappeared.  But this was the message I felt in my spirit

This is the beginning of the promise.  You heard the word, and you believed in the word you received.  And there is a second promise that was also made at the time of the first promise.  The second promise will follow the first promise but it is not as bright in your spirit as the first one that you received.

However, while you believed the word when you first received it, you have somehow forgotten about it which is why the rainbow vanished at the top.  This marks the period when you either stopped believing in that promise or you forgot about it because it didn’t happen in the timeline that you thought it would happen. You lost sight of the promise.


Forgive the clarity of the photo please, these were taken driving 75 miles per hour on a highway by a child sitting in the backseat of the car.

As we continued driving and got closer and closer to the rainbow the colors started to get brighter than when we first saw it.

This indicates that the closer you get to your promise, God takes out a highlighter and highlights it bringing it into focus.  This means even though you forgot about it at one point now, it comes into remembrance, and you start to think about it more. God is reminding you of the promise and letting you know that you are closer to its fulfillment.

As we kept driving and the car moved along the highway, we lost track of the rainbow.  I thought that was the end of it.  Until I saw two more rainbows, so then I pointed them out to my daughter. I said, “look there are two more rainbows over there” A few seconds later she says to me “Mommy, those are not two more rainbows those are the same rainbows, it’s just the end of the rainbow. Notice that it is arching to the left”

Man, that rainbow started talking to me again!  Notice that the top of the rainbow is still missing, they seem to not be connected but they are.

Life is like that sometimes, random bits and pieces that seem to not be connected, sometimes you may even feel like it is all disjointed and makes no sense. Sometimes you can make some mistakes along the way or take a wrong turn and feel like the promise is out of sight, but it will all come together in the end.  He works all things out for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.  What made no sense all fits together in the end like random pieces a puzzle.

While you may have lost sight of your promise, I have not said the Lord.  You will see the end of it.  The end of your promise.  You saw the beginning, then you lost sight of it in the middle and now you will see the end.  Promises Fulfilled.

Imagine that as all of this is coming to me, I am verbalizing this to my daughter in the car so it is like I am prophesying the message I am getting from these rainbows.

The first rainbow will open the door for the second rainbow.  So the first one gets fulfilled first and then the second one follows quickly behind. Like a domino effect. You will see your promises fulfilled.

Now here it where it gets super interesting.  As the road began to curve in different the directions, the rainbows started to move slowly over the highway where we were driving until we were driving in between both rainbows.

I don’t have the final photo but imagine that one was on the right of the road and another on the left. We were driving in between the rainbows.  When have you ever seen that before?  It was surreal and wild. And I was so fascinated by the experience.  I knew for a fact at that moment that this was not some random rainbows but that there was a message here for me.  Yes, at this moment I took this as a personal message for me and my family.


Until we got the final picture, a completed rainbow.

You are not only going to see the start of the promise, but you will see the end of your promise, promises fulfilled, the complete picture. 

I was so excited about this.  Again, I felt like Moses and the burning bush and that God was speaking to me through this particular rainbow.  Not any rainbow.  THIS rainbow. This one had a voice and it spoke. It was a specific message.  Like I said before, I am not obsessed with rainbows.  I generally don’t even take a picture but THIS one was speaking to me.

Later that night when I went to spend some time with the Lord in the 3rd heaven, I saw Him standing over the earth and He was using His right index finger (prophetic finger) and He was drawing all these rainbows over the earth.  Over and over again He was putting rainbows EVERYWHERE!!!

In dream language, the index finger is the prophet.  Here is a diagram that will help you know what the other fingers mean.

Therefore, the Lord was prophesying over the earth.

So while, Yes, that rainbow was just for me….  The message of the rainbow is for everyone because He’s putting them everywhere for His people to see them and when you see yours, this message is for YOU!!!  You take it as a confirmation.

As He stood there drawing all these rainbows with His finger and He placed many of them He turned and said to me

Promises Fulfilled.  It is coming.

Wow!  The fact that He used the same words, that I was speaking in the car Promises Fulfilled, made me realize that while I was saying it in the car it was actually Him that was speaking through me to prophesy it into the atmosphere.  Those were not my words I was speaking they were HIS.

And, while I see many rainbows here and there, He was actually up in the heavens at that very moment placing that rainbow in that specific spot, just for me to see it and get the message.

So, God’s word for you is that when you see the rainbow, whenever you see the rainbow, know that He’s saying to you…. You will see the end of that promise.  Promises Fulfilled.  Even though you may have forgotten or lost sight of it, He has not.  He has not forgotten you.  Even if you felt like you messed up, you have not.  All the disjointed, random pieces will start coming together and you will see it.

Ecclesiastes 3:11

Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.


I also felt led to say, the rainbow may show up in unexpected places, not just in the sky. You may see it on a mug, a T-shirt, a poster, a letter, a sticker, on the computer screen.  Wherever you see it, God put it there for you.


25 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – Promises Fulfilled”

  1. One year ago a roofing company came and sold us a roof, they were unable to fulfill the contract. We reached out to another company this spring. We signed a contract, which was a more protective/solid roof, and they told us 8-10 weeks for installation. This new roof will be energy efficient and wind safe and they upgraded us to the 50 year transferable guarantee. I thanked God for our new roof. I read this weeks prophecy email Sunday, Monday I was watching a cooking show and the cook used “Rainbow” sprinkles. Tuesday, the roofing company wants to deliver the roofing supplies August 10, then schedule the install. Thank you Nicole for your prophecy and hope and live truth.

  2. Recently I saw two different rainbows 🌈 on my way to work on the same morning. I was surprised because after the first one, I wasn’t expecting to see another one so soon! I pulled over and took photos of both of them, then posted them to Facebook because that has never happened to me before. This is what I wrote:
    🌈 Literally stopped in my tracks not once, but twice this morning on my way to work by breathtaking rainbows! The photos do not adequately capture their beauty! Thank you Lord for your daily blessings that are waiting to surprise us just around the next corner! You are a good, good God! 🌈

    ITS HÉRE!!
    God bless you MOP

  4. Wow, this is so timely and very profound. I once prophesied that I am a prophetess, but years passed and nothing happened, and I even forgot about it. Last night before I slept, I read this article twice, trying to understand and resonate with it. After sleeping, I dreamed a series of different dreams, and when I woke up, the Lord confirmed to me that the promise is beginning to be fulfilled. It is now time for it to manifest. That was it. Thank you, Nicole, for this enlightening message. May God continue to use you more and more

    1. I went outside about 15 mins ago and saw a huge rainbow. I took a photo and caught thunder (and immediately started thinking, God is speaking to me). I stopped and just looked and started saying thank you for your promises and that I can rely on you to keep your word (even if I’m not that good at it 😔).


      I had been meaning to read this post since I saw it yesterday, I began reading, but got busy and wanted to really sit with it so it has been in the back of my mind al day to read once I get settled today.

      After seeing this rainbow. When I returned home I sat in the car (that’s where I am now writing this), to read this message.

  5. Wow!! This is so profound. I saw the same double rainbow few months ago while picking up my son from the childminder. I love to look at the rainbow and my kids and I like stop and take a picture.
    I am waiting on the Lord for few things and I know this is confirmation of His promise.
    Glory be to God

  6. That’s really funny about the rainbows !!!
    My Birthday was on the 25 th of July, I turned 70
    And my daughter text me with a pic of a rainbow that just showed up behind her house on my Birthday
    I told her that I feel “ Gods hand in it “,, were my exact words to her.
    God gave me a promise in 1996 that has not yet come to pass
    Maybe this is the season for it ???
    Things don’t just happen without a reason.
    Sure feel encouraged

  7. Thank You Father for yet another word of encouragement. Thank You for your promises. I’m reminded of the numbers 222 & 444 that the Lord is using to speak to me… I am excited for what is about to unfold in the coming months heading to rosh hashana 202(4) Dalet.. I believe this when we will see the doors of destiny and purpose open one after the other like a dominoes effect..
    In September 2016 I left my job after prayerfully seeking God about that decision I wanted to make. I got confirmation through scripture and I left my job that was not fulfilling.. (Destiny & Purpose was beckoning). I have been in the wilderness since then. God moving me to different places and provinces/states and ministries and then pull me back into isolation.. September this year will be 7 years in the wilderness. It has been years of closed doors, missed opportunities, stripped off the things I used to enjoy, separated from friends etc.. The Lord lead me to this ministry in 2018 and I have grown through this ministry and others that the Lord leads me to. I believe this is a timely word for me and the others that have been hidden in the caves of Adullam. God is getting ready to ‘LIFT UP’ the hidden ones as we transition into 5784

  8. Amen. Thank you Lord.
    I got all emotional. I’ve been waiting on God for over a decade now, for every promise He has ever made to me. I chose to take His Word & live by Him even when doing that made my life so hard but I chose Him, even when I felt like I was losing strength to hold on, His Word held me. There was a time I felt like I’m going to start afresh & ask Him to speak to me about my life because I felt like I didn’t hear right, I felt like it wasn’t God, even though i knew it was Him, many years passed & I haven’t seen even a single thing of the things He promised, I wanted to let go of the Word & force myself to forget
    or pretend i didn’t hear anything, but the Word was so rooted in me & kept on speaking even when I didn’t want hear, I tried closing my ears to Him & reject Him because I told myself it’s all in my head, it’s not God.

    Beginning of this this month, it felt like all that He said is about to be fulfilled but I rejected the feeling because I felt like I keep on hurting myself.
    He gave me scriptures:
    Joel 2
    Isaiah 55, 41, 43, 45
    Mark 8:1-9
    Matthew 5
    Exodus 14
    Psalm 34

    Last week when I saw the prophetic Word: The children are exempt,it’s when everything changed while I was busy reading & I saw the Reality of His Word & He started reminding me of every single thing I was trying to bury as if I’m watching a movie & I heard Him like I did the first time.

    Yesterday for the whole day I was so restless, feeling like something is about to happen, I kept on saying “it’s happening”
    kept on looking through the window not knowing wat I’m expecting to see, I walked around the house as if I’m looking for something, I kept on checking my emails from morning, expecting something from MOP & I even asked Go to please make You write something because there’s something big I’m somehow expecting to hear from Him. I went to sleep without checking at night & I couldn’t sleep until around 2am, I checked my email & saw there’s something from MOP & I got out of bed & received the Word before I could even read. Wow God! WOW!
    I’m so grateful to God for your life & ministry. Thank you so much

  9. I have been seeing this for the past 2 months. Fulfilled promises was the title of the message in my prayer book. God is good and faithful.

  10. Wow! Wow! Just wow! The scriptures that comes to my mind are Psalm 62:11 “One thing God has spoken, two things I have heard” and 2 Corinthians 1:20 “For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through Him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God.”
    God surely does confirm His word and O am amazed how He has confirmed Hus word within a week.
    Last Sunday our Senior Pastor preached a message “GOD’S PROMISES ARE ALWAYS YES” based on 2 Corinthians 1:18-20, the scripture you also opened the this prophetic word Nicole.
    I feel like God is speaking to me personally, He indeed is doing it for me and my family, all the promises are coming to pass and manifestation…. His prophetic voice is VERY clear. Those prophetic words you were speaking as you saw those two archs of the rainbow are definitely for me.
    I am not even sure I am making sense right now, but I all I know is God has spoken to me personally…. I am not losing hope, I am not giving up, my faith has risen to another level.
    Thank you Nicole for obedient and sensitive to God’s voice!


    1. This word just spoke to me, I know my Father will fulfill all His promises. I know I am in season where God is leading to all my prayer answered season. Hallelujah

  11. I had two of the same dreams—both different but they were the same. In both, I was ready for my wedding and I knew it was on the following Saturday. My husband didn’t know that we were getting married again (we got divorced almost 2 years ago) but I’m waiting for Gods promise of restoration to come. I had on my dress and was ready for the wedding, waiting for the day and i just knew my husband would be there. I believe God is speaking to me! I pray He sends His rainbow to me as even more confirmation and hope. Thank you!

    1. Promises fulfilled.
      The first promise will open the door to the second one.
      Even though you may have forgotten about or lost sight of the promise, God has not forgotten it (or you) and all things are working together!

      This message is so encouraging to me! My promises (and end of them) are coming soon!

      I love how you mentioned we may see this rainbow in different ways. Short story/testimony, immediately after closing on my first house (which I’ve had a year now), when I got in my car afterward, with keys in had, near the ignition/steering wheel, I saw the reflection of a rainbow that appeared from a CD that has fallen on my floor board. I immediately knew God was saying “promise fulfilled”. I smiled. I am so grateful and thankful!

      Looking forward to seeing what He will do in the upcoming days, weeks and months!!

      Blessings to you and your ministry!!

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