Prophetic Word – A Deep Heavenly Revelation

prophetic word a deep heavenly revelation

This prophetic word concerns a deep heavenly revelation.  And, it’s probably going to be the shortest prophetic word you’re going to read on this website.

Who is this for?  Everyone.  I’m not adding any commentary to this, I am just going to tell this to you straight and end the post.

To set this up, in heaven there are many libraries that hold many books.  Not just your personal books or scrolls (Psalm 40:7-8, Revelation 5:1-2, Psalm 139:16) but also books related to numerous topics, subjects and spiritual laws.  I tend to wait for God to show me things but occasionally I’ll ask to look into a particular section of books.  I’ve shared with you before, one such revelation I was given before concerning finances.

Well, there are these books that I walk by and I know by the Spirit that they hold “revelation” on various topics. These would be profound truths about heaven, God, humanity, you name it very deep revelations on any topic.  So this is not my personal book but books that hold truths that are for all of us. Everyone.

I decided since I’ve never asked Him to share anything with me before from these books of revelation, this time I would ask.  I said “Lord, share a deep revelation with me from one of these books” as I pointed to that section of books.

The Lord walked over, pulled one of the books out of the shelf, and invited me to sit down at a table.  I sat down and then He sat across from me.  He flipped the book open in front of Himself on the table looked down at what was written in it and smiled to Himself.

He then turned the book around on the table so that it was facing me, and pushed it closer so that I could read what was written.  As I  leaned over and looked into the book there were only 3 words written….












You Are Loved.







24 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – A Deep Heavenly Revelation”

  1. I am just reading this, even though I follow you and His Word through you. At this point in my life after a recent dream and seeking to know what the Lord was speaking to me – this is profound that He could love me so. Especially after all my choices in life. But.. I know that Love is real and it’s been with me even when I have strayed in rebellion. Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas!!

  2. Im so bless and honored to know Im live by Jesus and I love him cause he first love me…so thankful and grateful unto him its an awesome love would never want to not know or feel Jesus love…God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son…awesome so glad I accepted him as my personal savior cause he knew we needed a savior…bless you Prophetess! Keep allowing the holyspirit to lead and guide you for his people. Thank you!

  3. I am Loved…true,these three words changed me since l read them…this is all l needed…thank u MOP..Blessings

  4. Thank you MOP! God is sooo good. This is confirmation of the same word I had received weeks ago when going into the courts of heaven, I am loved. Washing over me now as I type this. Be blessed

    1. Thank you I had a similar encounter, but I saw the words written husband and where i needed to sign .

      Jesus is the most beautiful man I have ever seen.

      His eyes was light golden brown and then it turned into rainbow 🌈 colours , something I will never forget.

      Blessings Nicole You are truly amazing thank you for sharing with us 👏

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