Prophetic Word – Mud and Marble Rye

prophetic word mud and marble rye

This prophetic word is titled Mud and Marble Rye.  Interesting title, right?  LOL, I just didn’t know what else to call it.  It is actually Part 1 of  2 part prophetic message.  Here’s Part 2  A New Door.

This word is for all of us.

This word is based on an encounter with the Lord and then a dream that He used to further clarify the encounter.

From the very beginning of this ministry God has really impressed upon me not to ever get into any divisive conversations.  Especially when choices have to be made.  I’ve just seen over the years that there are good Christians on both sides of the fence of every choice.  While I personally have my views and opinions, I’m pretty sure none of you are here to hear them.  You want to know what is the Lord saying.  And as such, I keep it separate.  And I have found that because I’ve chosen to do ministry like this, God always shows me His perspective on things.

His ways are really so much higher than ours. His perspective always bring peace and helps to explain why things look the way they do. Just 1 minute in the presence of the Lord, I can go from being burdened to feeling light as a feather.  I can go from being sad to have an abundance of joy.

This post is about the vaccine.  As you know things are ramping up and words like “mandatory” and “mandates” are becoming the direction where we are heading, or so we think.

I need to let you know that I am a practical, level-headed, common sense, facts and figures type of person, outside of the prophetic words.  It comes with the territory when you are a marketplace Christian. So now that things are ramping up with the vaccine and knowing that there is already data available on the vaccines, I decided to do some research.

The first vaccine was given in December 2020, so here we are 8 months later there must be some kind of research, data, facts from doctors and the scientific community that will let us know what is really going on with it.  I spent about 3 – 4 hours reading and listening to doctors – biologist, virologist, scientist and I learnt some really eye opening information.

There was one video that was so compelling I felt the need to share it with all of you. Of all the videos I watch, that one had all the pertinent information and it had 3 doctors discussing their findings.  I actually felt like if I didn’t share it I was doing something wrong because “Oh my Gosh, people need to know this!!!”  Have you ever watched something and thought that? But of course, since I’m not the Boss of MOP, I have to take it to Him and find out if He agrees that it should be shared.

So the next day I go for my usual time with the Lord.  I’ve already shared with you how to enter the presence of God, with practice and doing this everyday it shouldn’t take you more than 10 – 15 minutes to connect with the Lord.  I’ve been doing this for years so it’s easy for me now.

Well, not this morning… 4 HOURS LATER….not kidding!  My mind was all over the place.  It felt like trying to find the right radio frequency but I kept getting static.  Or imagine you have a TV with rabbit ears and you’re moving the antenna round trying to get a clear picture.  Static. I just couldn’t connect.  At one point I was thinking that it felt like I went for a swim but instead of swimming in water I was actually swimming in MUD.  All this effort and time put into it and going absolutely nowhere.  Who can swim in mud?

Now I’m thinking to myself, what in the world is going on?  I must’ve missed something in repentance, I’m going through repentance again.  Then I see a very vague, staticky image of the Lord, still not clear and He motions to me to follow Him.  He walks me through this pathway and points to a pool and tells me to get in it.

[infobox] The Pool

There are many pools in heavenly realms and they have different purposes.  This one pool I am familiar with because this is the one He usually sends me to when I miss something in repentance.  The minute my foot touches the water, whatever the sin is will instantly come to mind.  The Word of God is referred to as water in the scriptures (Ephesians 5:26).  Once I touch the Word whatever is hidden that is sin is instantly revealed to me.  It could be something I forgot or something that I didn’t even know was sin. (Hebrews 4:12-13)

This is not to condemn me but rather, in love, to convict me of this sin so that I will repent.  Sin separates us from God.  Once I repent, I can have unhindered communion with the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.

So let’s call this Pool, the pool of repentance.


What was interesting is that as I am heading to the pool of repentance, I looked down at myself I did have something that looked like mud.  I had never seen anything like this before and I was wondering “what kind of sin is this?”  Remember now, I’m seeing it in the spirit.  So I go into the pool and of course I am expecting that as soon as I my foot makes contact with the water it will become very clear to me what this sin is that is manifesting like mud.

But here’s the thing, nothing came to me when I touched the water.  I was swimming around more than usual in the pool trying to get this mud out of my hair.  It was in my hair too so was scrubbing my hair. I had to swim under the water and around and around to wash it off me.  Nothing is coming to mind.  But I’m still repenting for whatever this thing is and then I step out of the water and the Lord takes my hand and we walk over to a bench and we sit down to talk.  Now the connection is clear  because there’s no mud obstructing my view and my robe is white again but I’m still not sure what just happened.

So I ask Him about the video, should I share it because it’s not gossip or some conspiracy theory, these are facts that can be backed up with data that I think people need to know this.  He said YES!!  I thought OK, this is great.

Generally, when I get a prophetic word the Lord gives me all the scriptures and every piece of that word while I am in His presence and He approves all the personal stories I am allowed to share along with the word.

So, as I am thinking through the video I know that there are about 4 -5 points that will come up in the video that will require further explanation and study to get all the information.  Now since I had already spent all the time researching it I was thinking perhaps I should just share what each of these 4-5 points mean.

Now I’m saying to the Lord, when I share the video they are going to want to know what is ____ _____?  I will either need to put in another video to explain that or write a summary explaining it.  As I am saying this to the Lord, I look down and I am seeing this mud coming back on my arm.  As I continue speaking I notice the mud is spreading on my clothes.  It’s spreading!  Now I’m noticing as it is spreading that my thoughts are getting confused, discombobulated, my mind starts wandering again.  Woah!  So I stopped and said to the Lord, hang on a sec.  I get up and head back to the pool of repentance to wash off again.  As I am washing off I’m saying to myself, what in the world is this?  How is this happening?  I don’t understand. The minute I start talking about ____ _____ the mud came back.  I get out of the pool and head over to Him and said “I’m not suppose to talk about _____   _______, am I?”  He says NO.

I said OK, and then I went on to another point, we talked about that one and everything was OK.  Then I went onto another subject, all of this is still related to the video as I start talking about this other topic, here comes the mud.  This time I didn’t even wait for it to start spreading I shut up instantly!!!

I said to the Lord, “I don’t understand what’s going on.  The original video is fine, but some of the information in the video is not?  But these all make up the video.  If people watch this they are going to research what these words and concepts mean and when they do that they run the risk of getting this mud.  It’s like a minefield.  I don’t know where to step. Some of it is true and some of it is DECEPTION.  (It finally clicked what it was) The problem is that I don’t know which is which.  If I can see in the spirit and hear in the spirit then I am able to see which topic brings on the mud and which one does not, that’s the only way to know what is safe and what is not.  But if I give this to someone who can’t discern what is happening they will never know which part is true and which part is deceptive.  I don’t even know which is which at this moment because I’m still working through this with You now.  So there is no way I can share this with anyone.  I’m done with this and I’m not touching it”

With that, He stood to His feet and started clapping.  LOL   He had this look on His face like “Bravo, you finally figured it out”!  LOL

I have to say I was surprised initially when He said I could share the video.  But now I’m pretty sure He knew about 3 minutes later I would come to the conclusion that I won’t share it.   Don’t we do that with our kids?  They want to do something we tell them we can help them, they say no they don’t need help, we say OK fully well knowing that in about 5 minutes they’re going to be crying for help.

It’s a Dad move!  LOL  I was feeling like a toddler!


The Mud is deception. Now if you search for dream/vision symbolism for mud none of them say deception.  But I’ve learnt that sometimes God can speak to us individually on certain symbols.  And this is what He was showing me.  The first scripture that came to mind was…

Psalm 40:1-2

I waited a long time for the Eternal;
    He finally knelt down to hear me.
    He listened to my weak and whispered cry.
He reached down and drew me
    from the deep, dark hole where I was stranded, mired in the muck and clay.
    With a gentle hand, He pulled me out
To set me down safely on a warm rock;
    He held me until I was steady enough to continue the journey again.
As if that were not enough,
    because of Him my mind is clearing up.
Now I have a new song to sing—
    a song of praise to the One who saved me.
Because of what He’s done, many people will see
    and come to trust in the Eternal.

Read the entire chapter here

While this was a very tedious way to learn this, I’m so glad that He decided to teach me the lesson this way.  I don’t think I would’ve understood the nature of deception if He didn’t do it like this.  Now I know how it looks in the spirit realm.  I’m kinda scared to walk into a church and ask Him to show me the people in the spirit with it.  I may start bawling.  I want to break down this whole encounter with you.

The Nature of Deception

1  First, deception separates you from hearing the true clear voice of God and it replaces God with a false narrative.  It took me 4 Hours to connect with the Lord because this deception was on me. It stuck to me like mud!

2  It limited my vision (the static) and had the ability to also affect what I hear because it was on my ears too.  It was in my hair – that’s my covering. It tried to install itself as my authority/headship. That’s why when people are under deception they can’t see or hear the TRUTH….But, God.  Their ability to hear another viewpoint has been removed. It covers their head and installs itself as the premier authority.  Have you ever tried having a civil, reasonable, fact based conversation with someone and realize it’s like they can’t even hear you?  It’s like talking to a wall.

3  I only spent 3 – 4 hours researching the day before.  I had it playing in the background as I was working and doing other things. So what about the people who are sitting listening to this day in and day out for weeks?  I’m here to tell you that if you usually connect with the Lord with little to no issues and now you are finding yourself struggling to make the connection, you may just have some mud on you that is separating you from the Lord.  Don’t worry there is a prayer below for you.

4  It isolates and separates.  That’s why we have division.  The deception will cause you to choose a side – that’s the isolation.  After you choose a side – you then separate from the other side.  Even your own family members.  Now you are divided.  And the mud (deception) intends to keep you that way by covering you under it.  It is now in control of your entire thought process.  You believe it and now anyone who opposes that thought pattern is officially the devil.  Even your own family members. It will vilify and demonize anyone  or anything that goes against it.

5  It only works when it is weaved in with truth.  There has to be some degree of truth there or you wouldn’t fall for it. <— phew!  I felt that.

Help us Jesus!

It’s like you go and order your favorite sandwich.  What do you like?  Turkey sandwich or Chicken Sandwich?  And you like it with a certain kind of bread, right?  So you see this loaf and you point to it, it looks like white bread from the outside. And you wait as they make your sandwich and return it to you wrapped in paper.  So you take a bite out of it and realize something is off.  The flavor is a little different. Now as you’re slowly chewing you’re trying to figure what’s wrong and now you see that it’s marble rye.  You didn’t want marble rye but that’s what you got.  What are you gonna do, separate the light part from the dark part?  That is pointless just order another one with white bread.

Deception is like that marble rye bread.  It is mixed with truth and good luck trying to separate the two.  You will never figure out where the truth ended and the deception began.  (Matthew 24:24) How else will the elect become deceived if there isn’t some truth mixed in there?

6  Someone can pass deception on to you and not even know they are deceived.  I didn’t pick up that these doctors were trying to be deceptive.  But somewhere in their studies and research they are wrong and they are passing that information to others who believe and receive it as truth.  They are the experts so of course you’re going to believe them! Sometimes it’s not even that someone is trying to blatantly lie to you, they could really believe that what they are saying is the truth.  How many times have we read “scientists have now discovered…”  like 20 years later!!!  They had no idea at the original findings that what they were telling you is not true.  But do you know who knows?? God.

7  The nature of mud is that it sticks to you.  So if you have it on you and you touch someone else it gets on them too.  Then birds of a feather start flocking together.  They stick together because they all believe the same narrative.  This is how you get these factions and groups.  So you now we have vaccinated and unvaccinated.  Because of the deception we’ve now begun to vilify and demonize each other.

8  The reason that nothing came to mind when my foot touched the water in the pool is that I didn’t do anything, something was done to me.  I didn’t create or cause the sin.  The sin was done to me.  That is the nature of deception.  Nobody goes out there and decides I’m going to go get deceived today!  No, this is something that is done to you.  So, in essence, you are an innocent party to it.

9 The reason why the mud came back when I was talking to the Lord is that I am trying to make sense of something that is deceptive.  There’s no making sense of it!  You have to drop it.  No reasoning with it.  I was trying to convince a HOLY GOD that the lie was the truth.  LOL  So, silly!! I didn’t know that at the time but that’s what was happening.  It was only creating a separation between the two of us.  The more time you spend mulling around the deception in your mind (meditating on it) is the more the mud grows and the more separated from God you will feel.  That’s why when it tried to come back the 3rd time as soon as I saw the spot of mud I stop talking immediately.  I made the choice not to continue the conversation because I knew how it would end.

10  How did I remove it?  I first had to acknowledge that I felt separated from God.  This led me to realize something happened, even though I didn’t know what happened or how it happened.  I decided not to give up no matter how long it took to connect.  “Those who seek Me will find Me when they search for Me with ALL of their heart”.  Then,  Water.  The Word.  The Spirit of God.  Repentance.  But how do you get someone to repent for something they don’t even know is there?  Pride is such a dangerous thing.  It makes you hold on to your position with little room to acknowledge you could be wrong.  I accepted the fact that I must’ve done something wrong.  Even though I didn’t know what it was.  You have to humble yourself if you want God to show you the truth.  The only thing we should ever hold on to so tightly is Jesus Christ. Not our opinions.

Now, as I am sitting there with the Lord and I made the decision that I can no longer watch anything related to the vaccine (for or against it).  I also realized that I needed to completely sever ties with the spirit of deception.  I want that thing off of me.

The word that came to me was divorce.  Why divorce?  It’s legal, binding, contractual, final, breaking covenant with something or someone.  And quite frankly, as I said before, I didn’t knowingly enter covenant with this spirit.  It defrauded me.  So when I cut it off legally, it can’t come back.  Now understand this is not “I’m divorced but we still live together in the same house”.  Nope!  That means that as soon as I got out of this encounter with the Lord I was unsubscribing, deleting every single bookmark that I saved related to this subject, removing all the videos I saved related to this.  I was done with it!!

It also means that whether I choose to go left or right, I cannot vilify or demonize anyone for choosing to go in the opposite direction.  It’s their choice.  I may not agree with it but they are free to do what they want.

LOVE is not controlling, neither is it manipulative.  LOVE  leaves room for FREE WILL.  You choose.  Just do yourself some good by asking God before you choose.  Love also doesn’t operate through fear.  Remember, perfected love casts out fear.  Most people believe that fear means you lack faith, this is not true.  If you feel fear, it means in that moment you are not feeling the perfect love of God in that situation.  Which means that the only way to defeat the fear is to ask God to give you a fresh revelation of His love.

I know some of you probably have your fist clenched tight with your opinion still, and that’s ok.  Do this, ask Him “Lord Jesus if I have any deception on me I want you to show it to me.”   That’s all you have to do.  If you prayed from a heart that really wants to know the truth, I am sure He will show it to you.  If you see it, make sure you find out from Him which door the deception used to get to you.  Remember, you have to shut down all points of access and if you don’t know what the enemy is using to deceive you, you won’t be able to stop.  If it manifested to you in another way, please come back and share it as it may help someone else.

For everyone else that is ready for the prayer, here it is

Prayer to divorce the spirit of deception

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it. Lord wash me in Your Word.  Remove the darkness that is around me  Remove the darkness from my eyes.  Remove the darkness from my ears.  Remove the darkness from my soul.  Lift up the thickest mud that has held me captive.  Release me from this bondage.  Remove me this counterfeit spirit from me.  Remove this counterfeit of the truth from me. Remove this mindset of deception from me. Wash my mind in Your Word.  Wash my mind with Your Truth.  Cleanse my hands with the water of Your Word.  Where my hands have been cleanse it.  Where my feet have been cleanse it.  The things that I have said that have aligned with deception, forgive me and cleanse my speech.  The things that I have listened to that aligned with deception, cleanse my ears.  Cleanse my heart from the deception.  Cleanse me from vilifying or demonizing my own family members – natural or spiritual for believing something different than I do. Forgive me for holding hate in my heart towards anyone who believed something differently than I do.  Release me from the hate created by deception. Where my mind has been held captive by deception free me.  Wash me and cleanse me, make me pure.  Wash my hair.  Remove the counterfeit headship that I have placed above You.  Dismantle the mindset sent to kill, steal, destroy and separate me from Your Truth.  Receive me into Your Presence.

From this day forward I choose to separate myself from the spirit of deception.  I will no longer listen to, read or watch anything that will lead me into this trap.  I break covenant with this spirit now.  I divorce myself from the spirit of deception.  I issue a divorce decree to the spirit of deception and say “Go now and never return”, in the name of Jesus.  I send you into the realms of utter darkness and bind you with chains to that place.

Holy Spirit, I pray you put a filter on my gates – eyes, ears, nose, mouth, touch  – so that I will stay on track with your truth and never open any doors to any deception in Jesus name, Amen.


The same night of this encounter, the Lord gave me a dream.  He needed to do this because the truth is what I experienced was only one side of this issue and He needed to show me what was happening on the other side of the fence.  Remember there are 2 camps – vaccinated and unvaccinated.

The Dream (I’m only sharing a portion of the dream related to this subject)

I dreamt that I was standing inside a compound and there is a high wall all around the compound.  Then I see two women jump from outside over this high wall and walk up to me. I know right away that they are not good.  They were an enemy of some sort.  They are standing side by side in front of me. The woman on the left starts talking to me as she’s talking she rolls her head back and opens her mouth wide and out of her mouth comes this snake.  The snake comes out towards me.  The tail is still inside of her so I don’t even know how long this thing is.  As it is coming towards me I grab it with my hand and direct its head away from me and towards the other woman on the right.  Instinctively I knew that she was also not good and probably had a snake inside of her too even though I didn’t see it.  As I put the head of the snake over to her the tongue starts coming out of the snake’s mouth and she starts giggling like the tongue is tickling her.  I’m looking at her thinking “you think this is funny now? Wait until it bites you then you’re going to realize this is not a joke”.  The snake seemed to make up its mind that it was going after her, I let it go as it went for her and then I woke up.  I didn’t see it bite her but I was sure it was about to and she was unaware that this was about to happen.

I actually have 3 different interpretations/variation of the interpretation for this dream.

First Interpretation:

First and foremost, I am standing on the ground inside of a walled city.  I will tell you that as a watchman, I am in the wrong position.  When you are the watchman your position is on the wall, not on the ground.

I believe God was showing me that because I chose to go “read the data, listen to the research”, without talking to Him first, this automatically took me off the wall and put me on the ground.  I was handling it like everyone else that’s walking around inside the wall.  They are just going by what they are seeing right in front of them instead of getting God’s view point which looks beyond what is right in front of us.  He can show us what is coming afar off when we are in a elevated position.

God has to be the first and final authority on everything.  Even medicine.  I’m pretty sure by now you have realized not even the experts know what they are doing.

The two women came towards me, something was off with both of them.  Two is the number for division.  We have a very divided environment in the world and church right now.  But, two also is the number for agreement.  They are in agreement because they are both deceived.  While the 2nd woman, the one on the right, never revealed her snake I knew she had one inside of her too.

The snake (deception) comes out of the woman’s mouth and I grab it with my hand. I lay hold of it when I went and read the research.  The mud made contact with me.  I take it and I pass it on to the other woman.  The nature of deception is the transferring of it from one to another.  I was ready to pass it on.  What if I wasn’t the type of person to ask God before I post something?  You have to be really careful in this season what you are forwarding to other people.

This other woman is totally unaware that this thing is about to attack her.  She is laughing at it.  Mocking.  I’m sure you’ve heard the mockery… “these people are crazy!  Are they really that stupid?  I can’t believe they actually think that”… She feels she’s safe but what she doesn’t realize is that this same thing that she’s laughing at is about to turn on her.  The same deception will turn and devour the one who is carrying it and everyone else that is attached to it.

Second Interpretation:

The snake is used as a part of the symbol for medicine.  Actually there are 2 snakes.  So the woman with the snake is the one that was vaccinated.  She took the medicine.  The 2nd woman was unvaccinated because I didn’t see the snake on her.

The one that is unvaccinated thinks she is safe because she didn’t take the vaccine.  She’s laughing about it not realizing that even though she didn’t take the vaccine there is something being transferred from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated.

So in the end both of them are going to be affected.  Left or right, there’s no safe position.  Both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are in the same boat.  The unvaccinated just doesn’t realize it yet.  Both of them are deceived.  They both have marble rye.

Third interpretation:

A friend of mind offered this interpretation…The wall is actually a firewall, as in computer firewall.  The wall has been breached by a “virus”.  Have you had a computer virus before?  It takes over your computer and the hackers do what they want to do.  The virus that has breached the wall is actually controlling what you are seeing.  So they are deceptively allowing you to see what they want you to see.  They can remove the content that they don’t want you to see by blocking it and put up what they want you to see.  A heavily controlled environment.  The whole thing is deception.  Most of what you are seeing on the internet is deception.  Snakes left and right.  Even the one that looks safe on the right can at any moment become deceptive.  Because  “the hackers” are actually controlling what you see.  At any point in time they can feed a false narrative to the place where they know the masses are going and we would never know that it is deception.

Let me ask you a question, when the pandemic started wasn’t it both the people on the left and the right hoarding toilet paper and paper towels?  Who started that?  It didn’t even make sense!!!  There is absolutely no connection between Covid and toilet paper.  But somehow they were able to convince masses of people that it was the right thing to do.

That tells you that any story, can be fed at any time, to anyone, from any side.  There is no safe side.

You can be completely controlled and manipulated through the internet…But, God.

Please understand how the internet works when someone wants to convince you of something all they need to do is repeat it and you believe it


There’s a marketing strategy called “The Rule of 7”.  That means you only need to hear it 7 times as long as it is coming from someone you KNOW, LIKE & TRUST.

Why do you think Celebrity endorsements are big?  Because you know, like and trust them.  They just need that one person to tell you 7 times and they got you!  Toy manufacturers don’t advertise to you, they advertise to kids because they know that once that little person whom you know, like and trust asks you for that toy 7 times you are officially trying to determine how you are going to get the money to buy it for them!  Right??

What happens if they convince very well know pastors and prophets that you know, like and trust about something?  They have the ability to control the church from outside of the church.


They can actually do this all within a few hours.  If you search anything on Google, you see it in Facebook, on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, your friends are resharing it, Alexa, your phone conversations and your emails now feed you ads….did you realize that??  It doesn’t take that long for them to hand you Marble Rye.  The mechanism to make this work is already in place.

We have to guard our gates – our eyes and our ears. 

This is why God says

Jeremiah 33:3  ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

The Lord needs to be the one we go to for all the answers.

Revelation 4:1-2 “After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven. And the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me, saying, “Come up here, and I will show you things which must take place after this.”

Immediately I was in the Spirit; and behold, a throne set in heaven, and One sat on the throne.”

Anyone of us can have a “come up here” experience with the Lord.  If you are saved.  I believe He is calling all of us to this right now. This is not something that is just reserved for few people.  No, anyone of us can do this.  When you have a relationship with Jesus Christ and you choose to set aside the time to seek His face, He can show you many things that are to come.

After the dream the following morning I went into intercession for the body of Christ.  I’m not gonna lie, I was feeling very burdened.  I thought when I went into prayer He was going to show me something terrible.  But that’s not what happened.  It’s not the end of the world.  We are just beginning.  I went from this terrible feeling to crying tears of joy within 2 minute when He showed me what comes after this Part 2 – A New Door.  Going Up Restores Hope.

If you read Part 2 before, read it again because now you will understand some of the things that the Lord said to me during intercession and why He was saying it.

Be kind to people.  Be the Peacemaker. This is not the end it is just the beginning.




15 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – Mud and Marble Rye”

  1. This blog was helpful for me recently in an unexpected way. I had been hearing from the Lord on a matter. I get in these moods to soak up information and I’ve been reading a lot of books by a certain author. This author mentioned another prophet and so I looked this person up on YouTube. This prophet had a video with another prophetic intersessor. So I thought, ok, all these people are linked, they must be trustworthy. I’m sure I must’ve had a check on my spirit to sop seeking information unless it’s sincerely God led. I was information hungry, so I started watching videos that sparked my interest. I heard truth but felt an absent of compassion. I tossed that thought aside, not wanting to be judgemental. I bought a couple books of this person, then kept watching videos. I liked a couple of videos, then I started feeling ikky, muddy. I started questioning thinks God had revealed to me. There are some things that this person said that was alerting me to run in the other direction…….quoting what this person said, “The Holy Spirit can only take you so far.” “You feel misunderstood and rejected, you will have a family here and I want to be your mentor.” I even had gone as far as to click and check out the classes, of course they cost money. When I thought how ikky I felt after hearing that about the Holy Spirit, I thought about your mud post and deception and I knew I was being deceived. I don’t see how anyone can say that about the Holy Spirit. I unlocked the videos, returned the books and repented of going to watch these videos. I have been praying daily that the Holy Spirit would let me know if I’m being deceives and He did the same day. Praise God! I’ve definitely learned from this. How tricky deception is and how concerning this is. This person seems to be preying on the rejected. Let God be true and every man a liar. God fulfills everything in every way. If someone claims that you need them and that the Holy Spirit can only take you so far, total red flag. I am new to this intercessor world and I’m thankful for you, MOP and that God leads me. God bless you.

  2. Love the Word….thanks for sharing it. It is a confirming and additional word to a theme He has me on right now. One other result I am seeing is…..deception will lead one eventually to blame God …..somehow He is at fault…..and they are angry/blame God

    1. Yes and Amen! Great revelation! After we hang on to the thought pattern and it doesn’t happen then of course we are going to be mad at God. Jesus, free us from deception!

  3. Wow! This is so timely and resonates in my spirit on multiple levels. This word extends well beyond vaccinations. Just this morning I was repenting for a wrong perspective that lead me doubt God’s character. I now realize it was deception and will be spending more time in prayer to discover the entry point. I have been having trouble connecting with God and I now know why. Thank you woman of God. I know what I need to do.

  4. Wow indeed! I have allowed myself to be deceived. God forgive me. I have listened to far too many voices regarding this and some other scary things and allowed fear to enter and spewing it to everyone who would listen. I repent Lord, forgive me. I will unsubscribe as of today and be listening no more to this. I have felt that the Lord doesn’t want me to be hearing all these voices and have backed of considerably. The night before last I had a dream that my hair was dyed black, and someone was given me a box containing something that would reverse the colour. Your prayer spoke to me and I believe it was because I have allowed all this to get on me. I have made my choice based on not feeling peace about it and as long as I don’t feel peace about it I will stand firm. I have been prideful and arrogant when others have not chosen the same path as me. Please forgive me Lord, I repent. No more division, no more deception. Just love ❤️ and peace to All from here on in. Thank you mop for this word. God bless you and this ministry. Ps I also dreamt of finding £500, still in the process of trying to get its meaning as I had been looking up google Christian interpretations but backed off as again just too much diverse opinions. Your ministry gives me peace in my spirit and I will continue to listen and pray as long as God wills it. Thank you for everything you do in the name of Jesus.

  5. I love this word! Upon reading your dream, I had a different interpretation:

    How the wall represents a (impenetrable) fire wall of protection and His glory will be in the midst of you (Zech 2:5); Exodus 4:4-…”So Moses reached out and took hold of the snake and it turned back into a staff in his hand.” I believe you grabbing the snake (by the head) was your taking authority in the situation (i.e. deception, lies, etc). and redirecting what was intended to be evil. You are a watchman and have been given delegated authority like that of Ezekiel to speak the truth/be his mouthpiece. Amen.

  6. Wow wow wow !!!
    These are the words that came to my mind as I read this prophetic word.
    The Lord is Wonderful !!! And His spirit is present in the midst of his children!
    I work in the health field and at the start of the pandemic I wondered what was going to be my choice as soon as a vaccine was going to be available?
    Very quickly, the spirit of God led me to turn to my Creator, my Heavenly Father in order to receive HIS revelation about that and not to turn to the media, scientists and others.
    In March 2021, I came to these conclusions after meditation and prayer:
    1- I cannot and will not base any decision on fear (of being vaccinated or not vaccinated and of the potential consequences)
    2- God is all Powerful, He is my Creator, He is my Father, His love for me is perfect and He asks me not to fear anything. Who and why should I be afraid?
    3- My faith is not based in any way on the potential of the vaccine to protect me nor on the potential of the virus to harm my health but on the protective power of the blood of JESUS!
    4- The love of God dictated me as you have statted: that ” I cannot vilify or demonize anyone for choosing to go in the opposite direction, LOVE leaves room for FREE WILL”.
    For all these reasons, each child of God should trust the revelation received by the spirit, hence the importance of maintaining a living and passionate relationship with our Heavenly Father because in truth, he who seeks Him finds Him, and he who trusts in Him will never be disappointed.
    To God be ALL the glory!!!
    Thank you, your ministry is a true blessing.

  7. I recently signed up and I am so happy I did. I don’t read a lot but this was very interesting and your delivery was exceptional. Thanks for the reassurance that what they mandating is all mud.
    I look forward to more interesting and factual stories!

  8. Isaiah 8:11-13
    11 For the Lord spoke thus to me with his strong hand upon me, and warned me not to walk in the way of this people, saying: 12 “Do not call conspiracy all that this people calls conspiracy, and do not fear what they fear, nor be in dread. 13 But the Lord of hosts, him you shall honor as holy. Let him be your fear, and let him be your dread.

    When this all started back in March of 2020, the LORD would absolutely not let me read anything about it at all. Since then, people have asked me for advice, and have bombarded me with links. Some I have watched or read a little bit of, out of respect and a desire to help them, but then IMMEDIATELY He reminds me to get out, back out, get off, get disconnected from… all that. Anything like that. Thats NOT where I am supposed to be getting information, advice, perspective, steering or ANYTHING.

    This post, though, has shown me that- though I was physically distanced from the deceptive reports, my heart had already bought into the divisive judgement. I had mud in my heart, even if not eyes and ears. Repenting in a new way so that I can see and hear clearly, I hope. I will pray the prayer, but please also pray for me that I will COMPLETELY be healed of anything to do with this deception and division, and be able to walk in grace and wisdom with prudence and courage and love for “everyone, always”.

    Thank you again for sharing.

    1. Hi Tamara, very deep. You know if we are honest most of us went down one track or another. And if we didn’t then the enemy gets the one we know, like & trust to get us there which is usually a family member or a friend. The key for all of us to know is that the end goal here is division. A house divided cannot stand and I believe we will see more and more instances for us to be divided against others as we go along. We have to be vigilant! Praying for you. The prayer works too because the following day I had no problem connecting. I’m back to my normal self! 🙂 Love you Blessings

  9. Thanks for sharing! This resonates strongly with me. For a few months now, I have been having these moments when I wake up with one eye blurry for no particular reason. The first time this happened, I prayed of course and asked Yahweh what was happening, and He said, “The wool had been pulled over your eye.” I thought it was just an attack, so I prayed it off. It happened one or two more times, same story.

    This morning, it happened again. My right eye remained blurry even after praying. It wasn’t until I read your Word, asked Yahweh what the spirit of deception was relating to in my case, and heard and received His answer and repented and prayed, that my eye became clear again. In my case, it was everything to do with colonialism, slavery, all the horrors inflicted on Black people, racism etc. I never get aggressive with those issues but I do speak out. Yesterday, I went on a wonderful boat trip on a river with friends and acquaintances, and I told a story about being discriminated against (because someone started mentioning that people were really closed and racist in that particular town). Even though I didn’t start it, the Lord made it clear that I am not to so that anymore, not without asking Him first and receiving the right strategy from Him. He also asked me to unfollow a particularly bright social justice and ‘truth’ activist, a brilliant documentary maker etc who speaks out and educates people on history, for the same reason you mentioned. This man speaks truth, but because he is not submitting to God, there is always something that deceives, generally a comment about faith etc. Oh and the Lord has been speaking to me for months about operating from the heavenly realms, for years now actually. I am getting there, doing better in some areas than others 😉

    I am a Watch(wo)man too.

    Blessings Nicole for sharing so faithfully. I love that you have really started specifying who the Words are for. That’s great, because there is no such thing as a Word that applies to everyone or at least, that is extremely rare. The Lord continue to bless and keep you.

  10. YES!!! Oh, yes! just, YES.

    Thank you for this!!!

    This is so powerful, I rejoiced to read it!
    As I was thinking about the two snakes and the medical symbol I was also reminded of the bronze serpent Moses held up in the wilderness to heal those who were sickened by eating quail because they had become tired of the manna.

    The Lord has been dealing with me just the past three days about my own efforts to manage and get treatment for my illness (not related to COVID, have struggled for five years now). I was spending all my time on the internet researching medical explanations, treatments, running around to doctors and the top research medical centers.

    He has led me here more than once:

    “When Ephraim saw his sickness,
    And Judah his wound,
    Then Ephraim went to Assyria,
    And sent to the great King. (For me, that would be the top medical research centers and doctors)
    But he is not able to cure you
    Or heal your wound.

    Hosea 5:13 NRSV

    Come, let us return to the Lord;
    For it is he who has torn and he will heal us;
    He has struck down and he will bind us up…

    Hosea 6:1 NRSV

    His appearing is as sure as the dawn,
    He will come to us like the showers,
    Like the spring rains that water the earth.”

    Hosea 6:3 NRSV

    When I first read that, I immediately saw how the dawn doesn’t actually come, but we must turn like the earth, towards God, (Repentance in Hebrew is tshuvah, turning, and Elul is the month of tshuvah).

    Now I see the extension of the insight I received about a turning earth with your amazing two part prophecy about science and medicine.

    The Church was divided once before over a matter of science: the physics of the solar system and the placement of the earth within it. Galileo.

    Our human knowledge is always undergoing revision. God’s knowledge is not like ours.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this. Thank you for the scriptures, those are really good. I also forgot about that story with Moses holding up the snake. Wow!

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